How often do you kill spammer posts?

I just killed 3 threads from spammers and was wondering, how often do you all have to mark threads as spam? Do we have super vigilant ninja spam killers in our midst? I average probably a couple a month. Also, I mostly get to kill some at night here in the US. Is that because all the other US users kill them in the day or are the spammers more active when it’s daytime in Asia? Just curious. Thanks for your contributions to keeping this place squeaky clean.

This time of night usually.
I like putting a beat-down on spam.

Whenever I see them! Zero tolerance!!! :ghost:

Occasionally it is a legitimate seller who doesn’t know the rules. It is nice to chat about paisley too, but these discussions get deleted.

Huge +1

I occasionally kill spammers’ accounts with my admin stick, but almost invariably you guys beat me to it. I really do appreciate the help.

Any chance of unbanning dear Kreisler?

The other day, a Post, then a Re-Post, got ’em both with one shot … :smiley:

Every couple of weeks I nail a few. I’m living in the same timezone as mainland China right now, so they pop up during my work day.

Spam isn’t really a problem though. The people here tend to slap them into oblivion in the first few minutes.

I nailed several, about 1 per week

Interesting! I just hit another 2 from clintonbob (I wonder if he was related to clinton bill?). Spam must be on sale today :slight_smile:

About one every week, also zero tolerance.

At slow times of the day for the forum I’ve gone through 10 spam posts at a time.

Could we block parsing of urls (clickable links) in posts & signatures for brand new users?

No tolerance.. I always use the button if I see some spam.

I just did two.

On this forum I just blasted that jibberish lastnight all 3 times. On another forum I have been on for a few years, I do it at least once a month. The mods on my other Hobby forum aren’t quiet as fast as this one. Sometimes, I have to call a mod on the phone. LOL

Zero tolerance as well.

I probably nab 5 a month or so. You guys are quicker than me apparently!

Ah he was banned?? That is why I was not seeing him!! He must surely be using a new nick :slight_smile:

Hope it is just a misunderstanding.

Sorry for thread interruption.

I've only gotten a few. They last about as long as an ant strolling past a bunch of 8 year-olds with magnifying glasses on a sunny day.

Seriously we came up with a really good system here. Spam never last a minute, pretty much all the time. And the ID’ing is very accurate too. :slight_smile:

Our Beloved Kreisl has left our midst? Cry