How often do you recharge batteries ?

the amount of Rechargable batteries used just in my cordless mouse alone has to have paid for 30 rechargable batteries and a charger . Seems like i put a new battery in every 3rd day ?? Does anyone else burn thru rechargables that fast ? I guess i could remember to turn off my mouse ...

My best guess is i charge a mix of nimh and li-ion about once a week and probably about 10 to 12 cells a week average

I used to recharge once a month, but the nimh cells were making that take way too long. Now it's every couple of months, not counting new cells that I'm testing. The testing is nearly 24/7 right now.

In the lights I use most frequently, I charge their cells anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

I like everything fully charged at all times, and seem to get a perverse pleasure from recharging batteries (actually having fully charged batteries), which is what i don’t like about reduced longevity at high charge levels in li ion.

I recharge my starry light about twice a week, and other li ion about 2-4 times a week (each). I probably recharge 24 batteries a week, (6 batteries an average of 4 times) sometimes only a few percent drained, sometimes dead (rarely). On average I use 2 li ion extensively and 8-10 NiMH and the cell phone.

THe cell phone lasts up to 10 days if not used so i let it get down to 20% and recharge, and i only keep 6 li ion fully charged (2 regular use, 4 in storage)

I did use rechargeables in my mouse for a long time, but I realized even cheap alkys lasted way longer and I was sick of charging my mouse cells all the time.

Most of my lights get charged once in a while, or when the low voltage warning in my driver triggers...

I use a logitech mouse everyday at work for 8 hours and the 2AA alkaline Duracell that came with it lasted 2 years at least. I try to turn it off after use but not always. It uses 2 AA so maybe it last longer that AAA mouse. It get so abused that it literally got holes on the left side.

At home I use a no-name Chinese cordless mouse that never gets turned off that uses 2 AAA and I recharge the nimh every 3 months and another logitech that I have been using more that 6 months with 1 AA that also never gets turned off. It gets less use so I expect it last at least 2 years. Once the original Alkaline is used up, I’ll probably put a rechargeable that I expect should last at least 1 year…

It would really bother me to have to change the batteries every 3 days. I remember my first cordless mouse needed a recharge every 2 weeks, but that was 10 years ago and I thought it was a hassle, so I reverted to corded moused for some time.

I use a dumb 5years old Sony phone that gets recharged on average every 10 days, coz it’s always idle. Acer tablet gets a charge every 2, 3 days depending on use. Ipad mini every 4 days.

for flashlight use, 6 18650 every week or so.

PS. electric toothbrush 2AA that get a recharge every month

It could be that your rechargeables used have a high self discharge. Try using eneloops and a decent delta v charger. I recently switched to eneloops and noticed a dramatic increase in battery life in my wireless mouse.

Eneloops last ages in my Logitech m325 mice, 1 x AA.

I use cheap rayovac, (or some cheap brand), rechargeables in my mice and keyboards. All are logitech. M570 rollerball mice and MK300 keyboards. I/(we, the wife), use them several hours a day and I usually get three weeks or longer on a charge. I don't bother with Eneloops for them, because they are what I consider low drain.

My other cells? I have cells in storage. I hardly ever recharge the Eneloops. They sit around and last forever. The Li-ions I check once every two weeks and I might charge some of them every two months, usually the lower mah rated ones, like the 10440 or 14500 cells. Otherwise I just don't do much charging, because I hardly ever use them except for testing lights.

Since I have way more that I need/use, I do regular maintenance on them with my 2 c9000's and of course I keep track of all batteries and information in Exel. Damn, I really need to see a shrink.