How should i store my alkalines?

They were all free (6 of them) and i need them for one device that was not designed for rechargeables
monitor form my local utility
I won’t store them with my eneloops since some will likely leak eventually and i am looking for the most low cost solution possible

My first thought was: “in the trash can?” 8)

Lately I’ve been on a throwing-them-away spree when I find any alkalines in my house, especially if they’re in a device. Except for a couple small packs of AA and AAA because a few of my devices don’t work with NiMH. Seriously, they’ve just killed too many of my devices over the years. The few I keep are in a desk drawer and never leave the comfort of room temperature. Alkalines definitely don’t like big swings in temperature or humidity. Oh, and I do reserve the alkalines for the teenagers who have been known to accidentally throw away my eneloops.

If it were not for that device…
Everything else i own runs on NiMH, for which i will only buy eneloop (i have some NiMH from before the time of eneloop (BCE) and more were given to me by people i know)
I usually give my alkaleaks away to my folks who will throw away NiMH

I LOL’d.

I have a Costco 40 pack of Duracell AA’s. According to the package…

This link gives the following ideal storage temperatures.

I would think they should be kept out of direct sunlight.

(Sorry Bort) Wilson, can you give more info or a link for the flashlight in your avatar? The red looks very saturated and impressive in the pic.

Its a liter bottle of Coke, with a do coke with a friend promo label with various names on them. My favorite so far is Dana crossed out and Zool written over it.

:smiley: eh?

The avatar is a standard government issue Sipik branded SK68, red color. I bought a 3 pack from Meritline. I’m not sure they sell the 3 pack anymore. It came with one red, one green, and one blue. They were specified as Q5, I believe. Current best link…—-p-74270.aspx

I think I took the picture with no flash, and was surprised to see some “glitter” in the red. None exists. I think the color you see is a result of the lack of flash, and tight framing.

To me, the look emulates Beaker (muppets), or the Scream (Edvard Munch). Now there is a dichotomy.

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Thanks Wilson. I see all 3 things with your aid.

(Sorry Bort) Wilson, made me think Bort, not Wilson for some reason. Does look like low light pixelization.

in a ziploc bag separate from anything you dont want damaged WHEN they leak.