How to bypass "step-down" function

Hi everyone, just picked up 2 new lights - Sofirn SP31 and Astrolux S42. Problem is, both of them refuse to stay in the “turbo” mode for more than 2 minutes, which kinda makes these lights useless since that’s the only brightness setting I care about… Is there a way to mod the drivers to bypass that function? If yes, would that cause any problems (besides overheating and melting everything to crap)? Pics appreciated, thanks!!

The reason they only stay in turbo mode for a couple minutes is so they don’t melt. If you bought these lights for brightness and runtime I’m afraid you bought the wrong lights.


s42 is junk I don’t even care about that light… SP31 on the other hand is not that bad, and it doesn’t get hot at all when it steps down from turbo mode, so I’m sure it can handle a lot more time

When my Astrolux S41 steps down from turbo, I can make it step back up again with a half-press. However, doing that repeatedly causes the driver to overheat and it becomes very hard to reliably change modes until it cools down again. Of course, if you do manage to keep it in turbo in spite of that, you will eventually fry the LEDs, fry the driver and / or burn your fingers!

Just get a 5000 lumen light and keep it on 2000 lumens