How to charge say 2 x 18650 or 4 x NiMH D with a hobby charger

Thinking of getting a hobby charger than those Universal NiMH charger for D cells, coz I am getting 4 x D NiMH. I already have a very good 12V power supply.

How do i charge that with say a Turnigy Accucel-6? Do i buy a 4 x D adapter and then connect it in 4S and select the appropriate program? If i really am anal and wanna balance them cells, i'd then top-up charge each and every one? I guess balancing is not so critical for NiMH but more for Li-Co.

Same goes for Li Co?

Thanks for this post. I have the same problems.

I found the manual of turnigy and imax b6 but in Italian.. However it's not easy to use. I need some explanation too.. Someone in the forum has these chargers. I hope they have time to answer your question.

Well, if you use the four NiMH cells in series there shouldn't be any problem to charge them in series since they should have been discharged to the same level.

LiCo on the other hand you should charge in parallel and only if they are very close when you measure their resting voltage.

Thanks, looks useful...I have Pb to charge too as well as Li-ion. May get the Imax B8. This is because if i get those Vanson smart NiMH charger, it already would be additional usd39 shipped. Imax B8 is usd39, and i think shipping is $10. And then i'd have the added "toy" of playing with battery discharge performance tests.

Even Imax B6 is usd25 + $10.