How to choose a flashlight that light reach 300 + meters

some time ago I bought 20 small flashlight in one online store to sell locally. and when it is, there is one customer who asked
“Is there a flashlight that has a range of 300 meters and at what price?” I am very confused answer. if anyone can give me a view or knowledge to answer that question?
because I think that calculation Lumens flashlight, open range. how do I choose a flashlight that can reach 300 + yards and what are the estimated prices in the market. Please help me! Thanks

Very simple any light over 40 000 candela/lux can reach that distance easily.

Lumens are used to measure total output of light coming out of flashlight while candela/lux is used to measure hotspot intensity(beam intensity).

This is the best resource I know of that explains how to calculate throw.

Also what do you mean when you say “reach”. Any light will reach that far but you won’t necessarily be able to tell that it does. So the question is does it light up something 300 meters away so that you can actually see it. Also do you want to simply see that something is 300 meters away or do you want to be able to make out details. For instance I have lot’s of lights that will reach a treeline 300 meters away so that I can tell the trees are there. I only have a few that reach 300 meters and are still bright enough that I can see what is in the tree.

If price isn’t an option I would go with the ThruNite TN32.

If price is a concern and you want a great budget light that is a good thrower I suggest the ZY-T08.

I think that new standard of measuring beam intensity should be done like lets say ULD (usable light distance) which would be distance at which you can fully identify your target.

Welcome to the forum zuhro. I imagine there are a lot of lights that can do that. What is the price range, size, battery type desired?

It would be nice to have something other than ANSI or LuX Possibly a better representation of what it means on a more practical level. Of course it varies so much by conditions that it’s really hard to pin down what it means to each person and place.

thank you, this is standard advice that I can grasp and without confusion to choose

“So the question is does it light up something 300 meters away so that you can actually see it. Also do you want to simply see that something is 300 meters away or do you want to be able to make out details” you are right
it is what I want. I will try to find the product you recommend. the ability of local residents to buy a place of my stay here was so low that I had to choose a product that is affordable and quality override.

I really agree with that and would facilitate layman / new to the flashlight to be able to choose according to their needs.

I can not afford to own but this is a question of some customers who buy from me.
I take a product from outside my country and market it locally. I was very sad when you ask about how my budget has particularly because I was a novice to sell and does not have much budget to start selling in the local market.

common question I encountered from my customers for items flashlight:
battery what size that is in use,
how many watt bulbs
the distance of the light
how bright the light
These criteria may have to be put on the product to facilitate buyers to choose according to their needs lay.

thanks for help and opened my horizons.
and I’m sorry if I use the grammar is very bad. I just could use help translate to read and comment (lol)

Wasn't trying to make you sad. Just trying to understand what will work. At a minimum, we need to know how much you customers will be willing to spend and what type of batteries are available for you customers.

I don't know if these hit 300 meters, but these two are know to be good budget throwers (they both require Li-ion cells (batteries)):

As a big throw fan my advice is to stay away from recoil throwers...

At first I ordered and sold a lot of them(lets say 30 of them, at 2008. I think when first crappy fire uf 007 recoil appear) but then people start complaining... I was crazy and helpless... I refund their money and I did not earn a single $... They are not good for modding or for selling...

Jacob no matter for price is just to good to be true - yes even stock version(tuned even 3× better), and I discovered this thanks to BLF members... I just could not believe when I saw what 10$ flashlight can do :)

My A60 are going around 180-220 KCD(depending on emitter quality, because emitters are like people - only few of them are the brightest :) ) without any problem only key to achieve this numbers is to perfectly center reflector, and this requires special playing and messing :)

Small zoomies and big aspherics are my favorite lights. I don't suffer on spill coming from reflector. I just need pure hotspot...

And my main advice is to buy high quality cells for your flashlights like Panasonic because they are simply the best, better than the all the rest, better than the Sanyo, giving more current and more run time.

1 Panasonic cell (NCR18650PF or NCR18650B is worth like 2 ×Sanyo UR18650FM, and like 100 of Crappyfires)

No offence intended Zuhro but you seem to be very new to the area of high-output flashights. Also, you appear to want to sell to people who are also lacking in experience.

To get the outputs you are seeking on these lights you almost certainly need to be using Li-Ion cells which can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Even with proper education on handling and charging of these cells, there are unfortunately far too many fake, substandard and downright hazardous products in this market.

As a potential seller, you need to fully understand the risks you are exposing your customers to when you supply them with something that could cause serious personal injury or burn down their house if mishandled.

I don't enjoy killing your dream but I would STRONGLY advise you to spend some more time researching and reading here before jumping into this business idea. There are many good threads on battery safety.

Either that, or look to sell lights that run on regular AA cells in NiMH or Alkaline chemistry.

Please be careful.

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Totally agree with Gadabout about the danger of Li-ion battery. Secondly, it is not common type of battery in your country (Indo.) as well. It is hard to find and expensive compare with regular AA, AAA, C, D cells or Alkaline type. If you do intend to sell the Li-ion flashlights, make sure your customers understand what it is.
Hope you will do well in your start up business.

This is very helpful for me. As i have visited this site, and have come to know the power of luminous intensity. As far many mathematicians have given their own theorems for it, but this one is differ among that all. I am also agree with your pricing factor, ThruNite TN32 will be proffered first.

My A60 does 350 meters pretty well, I can tell apart trees at that distance, my EA8 is close second given its wider hotspot and neutral tint :D!

“10 years later
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Well, after 10 years I believe the customer did already bought one. :innocent:

Anyone even trying to give you an answer would be doing an injustice without asking you a dozen or so questions like how long a run time do you need, what size light do you want, etc.

Recommend me a car that can go 100mph.

I think you can understand now.