How to choose a security system

I am going to get a professional home security system. Now I am considering Ajax systems. I have already checked their products and features. I guess it suits my requests. Also, I read about DIY systems. But they do not look quite reliable. I mean, they do not have a long warranty and any support line. So, I won’t be able to call the company in case of any problem. I would like you to help me with my choice. Please, recommend to me any worthy professional system to install.

Curious, did you just get broken into? There are arguably more effective ways to deter theft. Good lighting, dogs, landscape design, good fences, managed access points into the building…

If I were looking for recommendations on a security system, I would look on forums that have nothing to do with security systems, and look for ideas from off-topic spam posts. Usually, the best spam posts don’t have a spammy link, and are created by people who are new and have a very low post count, and whose other posts are insipid.


This is a pathetic plug for a home security system, if not OP than certainly the last post.

Go DIY. It’s cheaper and works just as well as anything you can buy. If you do decide to DIY, there’s software called Blue Iris, that’s worth every penny if you have more than one camera.

I have a Reolink E1 Pro, and it does a great job.

It works with Blue Iris.

Not every surveillance camera works with Blue Iris, so be sure to look for that feature.