How to confirm paypal address

Hi folks...

I have seen that I have been making purchases using paypal but my address is "not confirmed yet".

So, to ensure 100% paypal protection, I want to confirm it, but I dont know how can be done...

Any idea?


Usually that confirm apply to the shop youre buying not paypal directly. On DX is very easy, never did that anywhere else.

No, there must be an option inside the paypal menus to "confirm" the address you have.... probably paypal will send you via regular mail a letter with a pin code, then you enter that pin code in paypal website and "voilá", address now confirmed

I confirmed my adress at the time I created my account. Sent a couple of scans of my bank account data, ID and some receipts that had the same adress.

Although I have a confirmed adress, I have an unverified account. Go figure... Maibe because I don't use credit cards with PayPal. Just transfer money from the bank to their portuguese bank, with a code(TopUp) and they resend the funds to the payPal account. Pay 0% in fees. Usually it takes 2 working days.

From Paypal help:

Question : What is a confirmed address?

Answer : A confirmed address means that the buyer's credit card billing and shipping address are the same. In general, we cannot confirm most addresses outside the U.S. at this time. If your seller requires a confirmed shipping address, we suggest you contact them directly. Sellers may deliver to an unconfirmed address, but they are responsible for any buyer-initiated disputes.

Edit: Fran, contact PayPal help directly. They are very fast and surelly more accurate than we are.