How to disassemble Tank007 TK-566?

I want to open my Tank007 TK-566's head, to see the driver, LED, etc.

But I can't seem to find a way in... everything looks so tight, and I see no signs of threading near the lens.

How do I open the head?

Pictures would help, but any advice is good...

i cant give pics but it is not glued

i struggled to open my one yesterday used rubber gloves to grip the head and body the unscrew

the LED screws out of the head on a brass pill as you look down the are 2 small indentations use tweezers or long nose pliers to unscrew it screws away from the lens


I've tried everything I could - rubber gloves, rubber wrench, two people together... It just won't open

Any other suggestions? (the NexTorch silicone grease should arrive soon, maybe I'll try that...)

Strap wrenches? The things you get to open recalcitrant jars and bottles. One on the head and one on the body. Matt didn't seem to have any trouble getting his one apart.

If you have separated the head and body, most lights look something like this inside the head. This one gets unscrewed by using circlip pliers or a haemostat on the solder blobs. Some have notches in the pill to help unscrewing them. If you are very unlucky, the pill can be glued into the head though I've never seen this myself.

I bought the strap wrench for opening plastic nuts without damaging them...

And I've seen the thread you pointed to, and I'm very jelous..