How to go about warranty with items bought from Amazon?

I bought some Hella 500 fog lights for my car from Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon/Amazon Export Sales, Inc.) and took them out of the box to install them today and one has a crack through the back plastic housing, this could cause condensation to build up in the fog light.

There isn’t any warranty information included and because its been 37 days since the order was shipped (they only accept returns after 30 days) there is no way I can find to contact Amazon about the order to ask them either.

I have only bought from Amazon a few times in the past because most of the items they don’t ship to Australia so I don’t have much experience dealing with them.

It says on the listing “1 year limited warranty” but there is no warranty information on the page either.

This is the product in question:

Any ideas what to do?


I’ve heard and read that Amazon has one of the most flexible return policies around. Almost a no-questions-asked sorta thing. Just send them an email/online chat or whatever they use.

Thanks for the reply.

I couldn’t find a “contact us” or online chat anywhere, I looked before writing this.

I’ve heard they are easy with returns/replacements too but I don’t know how to start the process.

Thanks for the link, I just removed the .au from the end and sent them a message about it though there.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

buy another one and return the one that was broken in its place

No worries, I was close anyway.

Just got a reply from them and they will send another pair and because of the cost of shipping they said I don’t have to return the current pair I have in this case.

Pretty happy with how easy that turned out to be.

Sounds good.

I wonder if silicone or superglue would seal the crack in the other one?

I was considering a soldering iron and zip ties (ghetto plastic welding) but I don’t know how well it would work.

I’ll have to inspect it in more detail to see if the crack goes under the glass, I might have to pull it apart to seal it up properly.

If I can fix it and its been about a year or so and there isn’t any signs of condensation I might try to sell the replacements, but I’ll have to keep them that long to find out in varied weather conditions.

Yea that’s what I mean, they’re very flexible with returns and warranties. I read somewhere that its all part of their ethos to be easy to deal with.

Plastic welding can work very well if it's thermo plastic. You can try backing it with additional plastic or even hot glue.

Yeah I didn’t think of that, I’m sure I have a hot glue gun in my brothers shed somewhere.

I think the chances to fix it is pretty high.