How to install LED car wiper sprayer?

I’m planning to buy a pair of these in my local diy store to fix it on my old car. They’re dirt cheap for a pair.

Well I have not bought it yet but I’m curious where do I wire this to? (does it matter?)
The same hot wire with the side headlamps? Parallel to cigarette lighter 12v line?

I’m just curious on where is the common place to wire before I attempt to split any cables.

I am now watching this tutorial here in youtube

I would consider the legal framework where you live (I don’t know whether they are legal in Malaysia or not, sorry).

Since these are on the outside of your vehicle I would fuse/relay them separately and not piggyback on the wiper or headlamps.

There is a hole near the steering wheel in the bulkhead where you can pull through the wires. you can either put in a manual switch or try utilizing an existing switch depending on architecture/loads.

edit: there is normally space for additional relays in your fuse box. there might be a relay box or a passenger junction box as well, depending on your make/model.

^I concur with this excellent advice.

It is wise to avoid damaging the important systems in your car when installing … whatever those are.


You know you live in a police state when the first American comment is “that’s not legal!” I must admit, had they been blue I too would have cringed in fear of the death he may incur for “impersonating a state scantioned killer”
Sad day when the state dominates your opinion of the world.

Run a relayed switch off the headlights. That way if the little things go wrong, they don’t take your headlight wiring with them.

wow guys
I never expect things to go complex all of a sudden ahaha

I guess I got to do more research on fuse/relay things separately (as I was also planning on installing a subwoofer in the future)

But by doing things separately would that mean I need to be creative to get the lights to light up together with the main lights since they will be separate switch?

Edit: I had another plan where I’d extend the wires off my car alarm LEDs and use that two unnecessary dim red LED to power the spray nozzle light.
I would guess I need to disassemble the spray nozzle to remove the resistors off the LEDs (and change to a warm white 5mm LED on the way)

That’s what the relay is for. Its an basically a switch that gets “flipped” with voltage instead of finger-power.

ahh. Thanks for the clarification :smiley:

You only need an additional switch (ie inside the vehicle) if you would like to switch these LEDs off separately from your regular car headlamps. Some drivers need to do this when LEOs show up!

Always had an off switch because I have gathered many tickets and points on my license in my life :-/

Have you looked at your existing washer jets?
Some cars have heated washer jets, two of my cars have and they work whenever the ignition is on.
If you do then you have your 12 volt supply.

Even if your car doesn’t appear to have heated washer jets, have a look/ search on the car forum for your particular model, as on some models only cars with say the winter pack option have the heated jets, but cars without still have the wiring connection taped of under the bonnet area.

Not sure on the legal aspects as others have said, here in the UK surprisingly it’s legal, even blue ones ( strange as we’re not even allowed guns ( even imitation ones) or knifes without jumping through many hoops)

Personally im not sure I’d want red lights on the front of my vehicle especially as they are likely higher on the car than your headlights ( it’s the first thing some doddery old driver might see as you come over the brow of a hill and panic thinking he’s on the wrong side of the road)

I had my plans to light them up when I pressed my brakes lol. Either methods I just gotta keep it off when the engine is off ahaha
I guess I’m pretty much safe with minor LEDs here. Rules aren’t too strict with small LEDs

In a tropical country where everyday is a hot day, there is no heater element inside. (It’s a Proton Saga first generation)

No worries. I’m thinking of warm white 5mm LEDs if I ever going to install them.

I’m not sure why you’d want them to light up with brakes. Since they’re in the engine compartment, the simplest way to wire them up would be to one of the front/side marker lamps. You can even add a cheap 1 amp inline fuse for safety if you want, but adding a relay, switch and extra wiring seems to be overkill, unless you need the ability to turn them off independent of the exterior lights. In that case, I’d simply extend the ground wire into the cabin and tie into a ground switch there.