How To Make Tritium Nuclear Battery

I stumble across this clip and though it is very interesting but does it work?

Or you can charge a capacitor and really light up an led

It works but the costs are high and you get only a few hundred nA of current

Even small lithium cells like 10180 contain more energy like a nuclear battery can produce in weeks

Or just put the cells in daylight will produce 1000 times more energy

Imagine there’s nuclear winter and there are no sun or power sources to charge a cell.
That’s what nuclear battery is designed for! :slight_smile:

Not really

Thermal nuclear batteries were used in military and deep space probes powers from a few watts to several thousand watts were produced

They powered military radars and other stuff in remote locations for years

For example on the Moon by Apollo 14, a similar battery was lost in reentry of Apollo 13 in the ocean

that’s a RITEG

If you put those solar cells in the middle of the night with moon you get most likely same or more current than with 2 tritium vials

Lexel, that’s nuclear winter! No Sun, no Moon, no stars! Heeeeeeeelp! :smiley:

Your nuclear winter will be so bad everything glows from radiation