How to mode c8 q5 from ebay

I know its quite outdated hlashlight for standards around here, but nevertheless...

Why I was wondering about that, about is it possible.

Because it draws only 0.45A on high (and with that I must say that it doesnot have and heatsinking at all, as my newbie eyes can see)

It has fairly good throw, but I would like to run it on 0.8- 0.9 or more, to see how throw would be on that current.

Im afraid I cannot post pictures of internal workings right now because Ialready gave avay the one I had (but several more are on te way), but I was hoping that someone here had same flashlight and would now what to do with it.

Can I solder/desolder somethig on the driver to get more current.

From what I have seen from the item I had in my hands, it has screw-in drop in. So, yo crew the dropin in, and from the ack side.

Its not like wf504b which I have where you push the dropin from the front side...