How to promote Olight Flashlights, Tactical Lights through Instagram?

Hi there! Sorry for the off-topic question, but I need some advice related to product distribution. I want to try to sell a part of Olight Flashlights, Tactical Lights, through Instagram. Does someone have experience in that or know about some tips, tricks, and pitfalls? Thank you in advance

I’m a self professed flashlight marketing expert and honestly I don’t see how you’ll succeed at this competing against

Pack it up go home and pick a different brand.

Maybe if you have stock of the rare ones and sell cheaper than ebay… Maybe buy some commercial time from utube like olight does

Ok, I see your point. Thank you!

There are millions of active users on Instagram. I bet you`ll find your target audience here if you make an effort. The growth of the Instagram business profile is quite a difficult task. But I think that you`ll be able to sell your products if you show yourself as a responsible and attentive seller. Plus, there are plenty of web services that can assist you in it: like IG Growing, designed to ease the process of growing your audience, or Later that can schedule your content. Moreover, you can easily launch Facebook and Instagram ads and effectively reach your target audience. Do your best and I think that you`ll succeed.

I burst out laughing when I got to your reply and the other shoe dropped jerrylar. This is the most clever setup + punchline I’ve seen on a forum in a long time.