How to recharge batteries

Looks legit! 8)

Saw it on CPF last week.

I can’t even.
“You can apply mildly acidic catalyst to speed up the chemical reaction.”

I heard putting them in the oven helps.

I also heard if you freeze dead batteries they self recharge too.

My brother’s cousin’s sister’s aunt told me it works, so it must!

My whole freezer is now full of batteries, it must take a really long time or something. Screw food, I need power!!!

Wow, trolling before it was cool.^^

Reminds me of when I used to use a pair of 9V’s to warm my hands.

Simply connect the positive to the negative on the two batteries for about 30 seconds and then disconnect them, nice and toasty warm for winter!!!

Definately do not recommend this to anybody as I have no idea how dangerous it is!!!

It's called electrical tape because it conducts electricity.

And he keeps a straight face - Classic!

You have to put them in a really steaming hot and salty bath first. It helps to relax the batteries to get them ready for recharging, since they’re originally only meant for one use.

when I was child, everybody in my surrounding said, put them under sun bath. it can make some recovery.
it is working but only with small cell and not so depleted one.

Yeah, but for the oven it takes an hour, if you stick them in the microwave for 2 minutes on low you'll get a full recharge.

In all seriousness, is the guy trolling?

The way he illustrated it in the video? Yes. No closed circuit - no current flow.

It is possible to recharge alkaline cells if you do it very gently, but you won't get full capacity and you will get less each time you recharge them. You also risk having them leak an acid or base, so if you want to try this, do it safely.

You can "restore" them a little bit by heating them, but the results are probably not worth the effort unless you have no alternative.

Phew, I was starting to lose faith in humanity. :_(

or wild idea, buy some rechargeable batteries!

that was my favorite part

That was freaking hilarious!

I just watched all his tutorials, and that made my day. :bigsmile:

i like the wifi boost