How to removing the coating on the copper Convoy S2?

I tried to rub it with nail polish remover and alcohol but it didn’t work.

If they used something like Protectaclear you might try soaking the parts in Xylene.

I just used 0000 steel wool on mine. Its easy to see where the coating is and isn’t and it leaves the finish ready for polishing.

I would rather try finest scoth-brite or steel wool than any chemical method. You can be disappointed with uneven surface after etching.

But in case you decide to use chemicals: strip the light completely. Because those chemicals can wreak havoc on the rest of the light (PCB’s, reflector, lens, and O-rings).

Use a brass brush and some patience. Very nice result though.

I will try this, I don’t want to use dangerous chemicals. Thank you.

Old topic, but the title is perfect. Got one of those slightly imperfect copper Convoys Simon offered not too long ago and it turns out they’re coated. It feels weird and I love patina, so the coating has to go! Besides the chemical stuff, has anyone tried washing soda? I read that’s used for removing coating on copper cookingware, so maybe that would work as well. Has anyone tried this?

I removed the coating on one of mine using gasoline and a steel brush.

I tried a bunch of thinners (paint thinner, lacquer thinner, etc.), and it seemed nail polish remover (acetone) was making the coating sticky, but gasoline actually made it where I could scrape it off.

I soaked the parts (tail, body, head) in gasoline and one at time took the steel brush to them, soaked them again, brushed again. It took many times and hours doing this to remove all the coating.

I removed the coating from the textured (LITNIT) version. I think I’ll keep it on the smooth version, at least for now.

Let the patina begin!

For anyone that’s interested, the patina is looking really nice.

Was it not patina’ing at all with the coating?

I have the same light. Won't the steel brush scratch up the copper? It looks OK, but did you have to polish it up afterword to remove any scratches?


The coating will prevent the copper from getting patina. I haven’t noticed any patina on my smooth version, nor do I expect any to occur.

The coating seems like a varnish that is used to protect wood. It’s a thin clear layer that feels like a hard plastic.

I used a soft steel brush and didn’t polish it afterwards. Getting into the end of the tail was the hardest part, and I used some toothpicks there too.

Here’s the brush I used that I got at Harbor Freight. I used the stainless steel one since the brass was too soft.

I’m going to try a tumbler used to clean brass casings I’ll get back

Steel wool 0000

This should be my final update. :slight_smile:

The patina seems to be stable now with this look. There’s some neat shiny bluish color in the 3 grooves at the end of the flashlight.

It sure has a lot of character!

Of all the S2+ colors that I have (10 so far), this is now my favorite.

:+1: nice