How to repair springs in SRK?

The springs at the back of my Sky Ray King have become a bit loose, probably because I decided it was a good idea to pull the springs because using unprotected batteries they did not make contact. … and I only have unprotected 18650. I think they need a bit of solder to keep them straight.

So how do I do this? My idea was to remove the negative back board with the 4 springs on it but I have no idea how to do this. There seems to be no way to get the board out without pulling on something and the only thing I can pull is the springs. Bad idea.
Any other bright/dull idea welcome.

If you unscrew the tailcap, there should be a few philips head screws holding the board with the springs in. It comes out from the rear of the flashlight (opposite of the springs!) Once you get it out, reflow the existing solder and add more if needed.

Some tailcaps are welded on with red Loctite. If it won't come loose with strap wrenches, you'll need to use heat. I've heard boiling water usually works and isn't hot enough to damage the anodizing.

While you're in there, scrape the anodizing off the contact points the board sits on, otherwise the only electrical contact is through the screw threads.

Thanks guys. You guys are great.
I did not know there was actually a tail cap in the SRK. :8)
Now I feel stupid. I don’t know why, I thought it was made like a soda can.
I can now put better springs. :bigsmile: