How to sell flashlights through the mail?

Honestly, at this point. I’ll just give it all away for free if you can just come take it from me.
The money is already gone. Two years of my life is already wasted. I just want these constant soul crushers out of my life.

Wait, what?

What happened CRC2?

Why are these soul crushers?

M21B was the final straw. I can’t do this anymore.

What do you mean, i happen to enjoy this hobby becasue its continually evolving and very useful in unexpected ways.
I’d take lights off you for free if we live nearby but not if your doing this becasue you think you wasted your life.

I also have an M21B that i am getting to know (received recently), is yours defective?

Ive wasted the last two years chasing something im never gonna get.
Thinking I was going somewhere I was never really going.
And now Im nowhere. What a waste.

I told you that going to those "gentlemen clubs" is a total waste.

Those women just want your money.

Without someone in my life to hold my hand through this, I just cant participate.

Seems to be. But how can I really know? I cant.

What are you talking about?



You are being cryptic. Thats your prerogative but you can’t get help if you don’t explain the problem.

Using Group 8 - .1, 1, 10, 50
Cycling up throught the four modes, youll notice sometimes it just skips 50% and goes to .1% or 1%

This is just my most recent issue on top of my others.
What am I to do, just keep coming here hoping someone with a brain can figure my problems out for me?
Im obviously not educated enough to be playing with flashlights. Fair enough. So Im doing the right thing now, and stepping back.
But rather than tossing my lights in the trash, I figured I could at least get a couple bucks back for them.

Im just too mentally exhasued over it now.
I need someone to hold my hand through the entire process of learning and understanding what need to be learned and understood in regards to all things flashlights.

That is never gonna happen, so I just need to accept my limitations and back off.

You got a defective light.
If you bought it recently then message Simon and see if he can send you a new one or give you a refund.

Or maybe your trying to change modes too fast.

I’m not so sure.
I think all the M21B with GTFC40 do this.
I’ve read people complaining its an issue with the cell not being…whatever enough.
Others saying its the switch just needing to be tightened.
You say its defective.

Who do I blindly trust?

Again though. This is just my most recent issue.
On top of others.
It never ends.
I just want simple light.
I cant keep going through this mental bulls…

I didnt have to become an electrical engineer to start using an ihpone.
I didnt need to become an electrical engineer to use my laptop, or headphones, or any other device in my life.

Flashlights are apparently currently too advanced for people like me.
I think i need to wait a few more years for these to hopefully become comonplace everyday consumer items.

Feel free to message Simon.
Or just accept it has a quirk, i have lights with quirks, some that drive me nuts to this day, hell my first light turned out to be a dud, defective and poor design, thats after i spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews on it. A kind member fixed the defect which was kind of them.

I have learned a great deal since then and know much more than i did before. And i have made more mistakes along the way and learned more. Thats life.
I still have that light btw.

This is your prerogative, you seem to be intelligent enough but you seem to get wound up when there are hiccups. Life is full of hiccups, but you can go to Canadian Tire or Walmart or Home Depot and buy a simple light with lots of lumens and a dead simple UI.

I believe there is even a muggle mode for Andruil.