How to spend 30 $ on DD?

I want to buy primarily flashlights, the bill mustnt be above 30,5 $ because of the customs. I must order it before 31.07 18:00 CET (00:00 China time :D )

It can be one and it can be several flashlights, and I want em cheaper (every light has 10% discount because of their annyversary) than on other, more reliable sites.

Also I like when they can accept 2 kind of batteries, Liion and icds (for wxample 18650 or 3XAAA)

I was looking at this, , but do I want to spend same money on knock off when I can buy original on dx, to buy a rabbit in a sack so to say.

(but i dont like the body, bezel etc)

But i dont know which lamp is that, in title they say ultrafire in description below trustfire...

I'm more prone to buy cheaper lights on dd because with them you cannot miss so much, and with R2s, and R5s et c you give money and you hope, and you could get real crap. Ths cheaper lights cannot be so crapy.

When you speak of R2 and R5 you are talking about two different emitters so yes you can discern the difference between a XR-E and a XP-G.

If you see a XR-E that is Q5 you probably aren't going to notice at difference between that an a XR-E R2.

If you get a really cheap light you are more likely that it will be crap on DD I believe. I get your point in not wanting to spend it all on one light if you don't trust DD. I have my dollar limits for DX but when you are talking about $30 I'd just try to buy one or two lights.

I don´t usually stress very much on customs.

They check things if they happen to check. If they wan´t their money, sure I´ll pay and I get my stuff.

Over 90% of my orders are under the limits, rest are over it. 10% or less.

One already shitty-expensive, cheap-host custom light got stopped by customs since true (over)price was marked. Was broken -> back to US... It took about 5 months to get a working flashlight after payment. :| + taxes :D

learned "some" lessons there. Only buying from seasoned modders from now on. If a modder has any difficulties with communication -> skip. Recently skipped Nailbender - no comm = no deal!

If you don't already have one, how about the Uniquefire UF-2100? It's a nice and compact 18650 XM-L light. I have the 5-mode and I really like mine. The 5-mode overheats pretty quickly on high, so you might want to avoid the 1-mode.

UF-2100 5-mode UF-2100 3-mode UF-2100 1-mode

Where are you from? I receive a lot of packages (practically on a daily basis, not only flashlights), valued from $20 to $200, and 99% of them pass without paying any duty. I'm from Zagreb.

Sometimes one, sometimes more. There are no rules, once I paid duties for a small, low value package but at the same time I've got large, heavy package worth $200 without any problems.

Of course not, but you get my point :)

I got my UF-2100 from DD. I also have the popular KD C8 with an OP reflector. Compared to the UF-2100, the C8 rules in most respects. The C8 is brighter, has much better heatsinking and has a superior build quality. The UF-2100 tailstands and the C8 does not. However, I carry the UF-2100 most of the time because it's super compact and fits in my jeans pocket more easily. :bigsmile: Don't know about amps drawn because I don't have a multimeter. So if you want an awesome XM-L light, get the C8 from KD. If you want something ultra-compact, get the UF-2100; It seems to be the best inexpensive XM-L flashlight on DinoDirect.

P7 is going to be pretty floody. IMO not really worth it w/ cheap xml's now. It is two-mode, though.