How to stain steel black?

I have a few solarforce steel bezels that I want black. Is there a simple method to dying it black?

Not black, but you could always heat treat them.

I did these stainless bezels on my L2m, and Xeno with a butane torch:

The Solarforce bezels are stainless steel which is harder to stain than high carbon steel, if you want them black then sanding down and painting would work. Staining would have to be acid bath to see if and how much the stainless steel will stain, after all it is stain~~less steel not stain~~free steel. Try it in cold vinegar or hot vinegar to see if acid will affect it.
Gun bluing that is used on gun barrels might work.
The simplest method might be to buy black bezels from Solarforce, the most expensive black bezel that I can see on their site is $5, almost certainly cheaper than any other method.

I know boiling vinegar works in a matter of minutes to stain high carbon steel. Maybe it’ll work on stainless if you leave it for a day.

use” gun blue” liquid, every gun store, and walmart sells it in gun care section, just dip it in there for a minute and that is it.
i used it on steel, and copper, works great

Not sure how well gun blues will work on stainless.
Caswell makes a stainless blackener. Here

It’s on my list of things to get. Been thinking of blacking my stainless S&W 625PC

For stainless steel better off using ferric chloride (PCB etchant) to stain though the waste solution will contain chromium which needs to be disposed of with care.

I’ve blued many a long gun. No bluing agent will come even remotely close to matching the finish of a solar force anodized host. You’d probably be better off using a black sharpie than bluing.

Ordering a black bezel seems by far the best and cheapest option here that I’ve seen.

You could always post in the ‘Solarforce parts exchange thread’ and swap you stainless steel ones for black bezels.

I’m interested in a swap btw, I love stainless steel bezels on a SF and got a plain black one from a L2m lying around (or a black crenulated standard bezel).