How to stimulate your brain by shining light through your ears

Cree brain hacking FTW!

That actually sounds logical.

Ray Kurzweil is a very interesting man to listen to. I was actually watching a documentary on his hypothesis of the singularity last night and it is very interesting stuff.

I just strapped a KD C8 to each ear and I feel happier already. But SWMBO seems to be even happier she's rolling on the floor laughing her head off........

Link to the actual "product".

A finnish innovation. There has been quite a lot of debate on local forums if this is working or just another scam among others...

edit: something a bit related :

It's an interesting idea and he does have a point that it's difficult to predict what are essentially black swan events, but he makes the fundamental mistake of confusing Moore's law with everything else in the world which doesn't obey moore's law.