Howdy folks..

New to the Forum. Just looking around, learning about new flashlight technology! :slight_smile:

Wow that was quick! Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF, Dale!

Welcome to BLF Dale, I may be heading to my cabin in WVA this weekend!I’m sure you’ll have fun here….some really great people!-Rick

Howdy, Dale! Welcome to the BLF family!

Welcome to BLF! Enjoy your stay!


Thank you ladies & gents, always looking for the next best thing to empty my wallet! :slight_smile:

LOL! Then you sure came to the right place!

G’day mate.

Hey Dale, out of curiosity, do you mind telling us what part of WV you're in? (I get down into northeastern WV a few times a year.) And, since you're from WV, do you have any connection to mining?


I live around the Mason Dixon line…… I drive a coal truck actually. No way do I work in a mine. But generations of my family have.

You know, Dale, I can't help but appreciate the avatar you have chosen.

Thanx! That’s my financial support. Mrs Dale :bigsmile:

Welcome to BLF, Dale. Please don’t ever change your Avatar.

LOL +1

Thanx Cone, Very cool forum here.

Flashlights aside, the people here make it all worth while.

I agree Cone!We may be talking about flashlights, but most of the people here are what makes it a great place!

i would have to agree, although new to this forum. It will always be the people that make it or break it. I was invited here by Scaru, Trying to learn… Never had any idea flashlights were so complicated … I guess you’re average wal mart brand isn’t. But, if you search for something other than mundane… it gets that way quickly