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I googled for other Banggood complaints and the newest thread was from 2018[unless I missed one]. So I decided to start another one.

First I will say that I am an Idiot for making the purchase to begin with, when I should have listened to my gut and based my decision on the Real specs. Not the fabricated and over inflated specs. that HAIKELITE gave and BANGGOOD posted on their website. HT70 is the light.

I got the light yesterday. In less than Two minutes smoke under the lens due to the LED frying most likely from poor soldering joints and/or lack of thermal paste. Things happen. It is NOT what happens in our life that is important. It is how we react to them. The best reaction was taking action!

The Live and Learn is dealing with BANGGOOD. I was patient for Three of their BS emails. Then I got smart and filed a dispute with PAYPAL.It is not just BANGGOOD. My experience as I mentioned in other threads is that USA dealers are superior to China based dealers as far as customer service, overall responsiveness, fairness and efficiency.

I won’t get into the other bad experiences with China dealers.This was the last straw. I have no desire to deal with, associate with or have any direct communication with China based dealers.

I will continue to enjoy this forum for the knowledge and helpfulness.Not the headaches that can be associated with saving a few bucks.

The old saying is so true,You get what you pay for.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I had a very similar experience in 2014. I bought a TN32 off of Illumn. After 5 days or so the emitter fried in a similar fashion. I sent Craig an email with a photo. He sent me a return shipping label and sent me a new light. It was that easy.

The main point of this thread is the dealer, BANGGOOD and how they handled it.

Notice Residue on LENS from smoke/chemicals.Defective/burnt LED is top left side

Better pics. Chemical film has dissipated from inside of lens.


Bakelite ??

Hack-Lite and Fire-Lies are on my No-Try-No-Buy-No-Cry… Bag-O-Sh:t List…

Wow, that’s an expensive flashlight to go bad like that. Returning back to Banggood would be expensive and take a long time. Hopefully PayPal will make it right for you. If you’re stuck with the flashlight, maybe you could try to replace the SST-70 LED?

I feel your pain BaronVonEissler! :rage:

capitilize banggood again so we know your pissed with BANGGOOD

think of banggood as a ebay type company,

there are many small companys that use banggood as a outlet

so saying banggood is a shitty company is a bit shit!

Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I did my first order with banggood just recently. The lights are supposed to come on Monday. I usually buy from other places and have a lot of high end lights that I’ve never had a problem with but I ordered 2 convoy s2+ sst-40 lights with a couple A6 fet drivers for just 13 bucks a piece. I will see how they turn out but I’m not worried because they were so cheap. If they work as advertised I’m hooked. I looked at the brand you are talking about. I’m glad I read this because now I know better but if these convoys turn out good they will be well worth the wait. I hope everything gets resolved for you and works out better in the future. Thanks for the review.

Thanks for the nice post. If I knew how to mod it I could try that. Maybe I will donate it to MODern science!

It is not my responsibility to send it back. All my experiences in USA is that the dealer pays for return shipping when a light is defective.

Lol!! I also capitalized HAIKELITE,LED,LENS,TN32,HT70,USA,EDIT and PAYPAL!! :smiley:

You are welcome. Good luck with your Convoys. They are a popular light and I am sure much better than HAIKELITE!!!

HL makes some kick-ass lights, but let’s face it, QC sometimes goes to Hell.

Whoever’s slapping ’em together on the line runs out of thermal goop, and being pressured to perform…perform… perform, he throws together the next bunch of lights completely dry instead of stopping to get some more.

I’ve got some experience with similar companies, and I know the help is treated like coolie labor. So absolutely HL is ultimately on the hook for delivering an occasional stinker, but don’t trash everything HL puts out. I’ve got an MT09R that works great.

I recently got my third light that starting going mental because a retaining ring wasn’t fully torqued down. Sofirn, Thorfire, and now Lumintop. No big deal. I knew what was the issue, torqued it down, problem gone.

Basically everyone’s entitled to a bad day. But it’s how it gets handled that matters. Dunno if HL or BG should be the one to make good.

On the bright (haha) side, maybe you can get a refund or replacement light, then just buy the board/glass/reflector and have essentially a brand new 2nd light for cheap.

I’ve bought so much from Banggood that it really isn’t funny. A few thousand dollars worth, never really had an issue that was on them.

I have avoided buying a Haikelight due to issues they had when they first came out, that and I’ve always found them on the pricey side. Sucks to have had something like that happen but it’s really simple and all too easy for that to occur. A small bit of flux pops onto the dome when soldering lead wires on, it heats up and turns the dome to ash pretty quickly. Modders learn this the hard way, we then replace the emitter and carry on.

Of course, right now is a horrible time to have an issue with anyone in China. Businesses are closed manditorily due to the virus issue, at least until the 8th and possibly longer. Some patience may serve you well here, give them some time to get back open and see how it goes.

Or have someone here fix it.

Exactly. They sent me Three BS emails and I filed a dispute against them. BG is responsible. They sold me the light.

I thought I wrote in my OP that I filed a dispute. I did not, I just said I took action.

Yeh, doesn’t even have to be “DOA” to say it is. “Just turned it on a few seconds, and it started smoking!”, and show pix.

BG doesn’t make good, PP should.

Yes, PP should take care of me. I sent BG several pictures. They respond like they think they are intelligent and partly because of the language barrier they do not make any sense!

I have never had a problem with a USA dealer when the light was defective. I have had defective lights a half dozen times or so.Every time they made things right.

I decided to turn the light ON its lowest “Ramp” setting and took some pics. I believe this light has PWM.

I used 4 X Molicel P26A BT[Custom Solder Blob]

I hope it all turns out for the best. It’s quite annoying to have something you were looking forward to, showing up DOA or having problems almost immediately. I have been very fortunate. Lots of orders from BG and several other Chinese sellers. Only a handful of problems but, even those were quickly taken care of. I can’t really complain.

I have friends that have placed orders with Chinese sellers and payed with PP. Defective product shows up, they get no help from the seller and file a PP claim. PP then contacts the seller and the seller tells them, “sure, send it back, we will happily replace it”. PP seems to forget or not care sometimes that it cost a small fortune to ship something into China. You refuse to send it back because of cost and PP sides with the seller. Other times PP has taken the side of the buyer. Seems quite hit or miss with them sometimes. I have never had to file a PP claim. These are just experiences of people I know fairly well.

Again, after the Chinese New Year and any other delays caused by the virus making the rounds over there, I hope you can get your light replaced or your money refunded.

I did have a problem with a Chinese seller one time a few years ago. They wouldn’t send me a very small part that was needed to fix a light I bought from them and it was DOA. I wasn’t worried. Thought they might just send me the part so I could fix it myself. The wouldn’t. I still don’t know why. I contacted the manufacturer of the light and asked if I could buy a replacement part directly from them. They told me they would contact the seller and have one sent out. They did send it and it got here in almost record time. Why they didn’t just send it to me when I asked is apparently beyond my comprehension.

Shouldn’t the seller send you anew one , haven’t they got the same type of system as wish
I believe you will get your money back , after all I’ve noticed with Chinese shops , they don’t like bad reviews

Good luck and I was very very drunk last night


Yup, I’ve suffered from the PayPal ‘just send it back’ BS, thankfully it was only once and banggood eventually made good. In most cases postage is far larger than the cost of the product in the first place.

Good luck with your task OP, hope you can get things sorted or modded with new LEDs. Stripping down the light and replacing emitters will also allow you to check/improve thermal paste etc, so is good in the long run.

Well stated Dale :+1:
I have purchased some Haikelite lights ( 3 and 1 on order ) with no problems. I like them because of their heat sinking bulk and I am prepairing to mod most of them. However, we fully understand how disappointing it is to get a light DOA, having experienced it also. I purchased a MT35 PLUS from Aliexpress and one of the quadrants on the led was dead, They wanted a picture of it but I shelved it for modding later. We do feel your frustration. :frowning: But try to :slight_smile:


yes many factories build the light, and they got no quality control, a simple worker who plays with each light a few minutes can solve most DOA issues