Huge half off sale at DealExtreme!

We've seen, taken advantage of, missed out on, and cursed the poorly executed special 50% off sales at certain dealers like Wallbuys but there is one coming up that will last for 5 days and from a long standing dealer. From May 15 to May 20 DX is having a 50% off sale on over 40,000 items! I was chatting with Sandy last night and she told me about it. Looks like she started a thread for it in the commercial sellers spot. here. This sale looks HUGE. You have a week to start saving your pennies and dollars. ;)

I posted a quick blurb in the deal alert thread but figured I'd make another post here to make sure as many folks see it as possible.

Great ....I can order stuff .....go on vacation for a few months and have stuff when I get back ..:P

Thanks for sharing, definitely interested, I just hate how long they take to ship stuff. Takes them almost a month before stuff arrives.

Appreciate the heads up.

I was planning on placing an order next month. Now, I will need to get my wishlist ready early.

On my last order, it took DX about 4 days to ship it out. About a week for it to get through the mail and about 8 weeks to go through customs.

I can’t blame DX about that.

There last 50% off five day sale was one that I spent a lot of time trying to take advantage of but failed each time. You had to put $100 exactly worth of stuff in your cart and be one of the first so many people to pay for it. Well it was never me and I tried all five nights and waited up and did the whole song and dance (jitterbug I think it was) but no luck.

Who knows maybe this one will be different. If so it will be the first time I order from them. I have looked at stuff there for years but always found a better deal someplace else.

Well thanks for the heads up both and the sale and so that I expect a good long wait if I do order.

Oh, I forgot about that sale. That one really sucked. I sure it's not like that again.

I want to see some lingerie - half off !

Cool I’m hoping it’s a good one. If they have some good things I’ll be buying.

site says they have 80,000 products so i guess it's a half off ...half of what they have .

With 40,000 items at half price they have to have something I need ....

Considering they have an old price for majority of items un-updated for years and over-expensive for others, they might even get near ebay/fasttech prices that way!
What more - you might even get your items before Christmas!

I might check it but knowing 99.98% of their listings is useless crap, keeps my expectations low.

hmm… yeah i remember that stupid total $100 in your cart sale… i didn’t get it either.
hopefully it will be simple as WB’s 50% new year’s sale… REAL SAVINGS on flashlights

I think the items will be carefully picked.
So - please - don’t buy crap, even if it’s 50% off.
But with these numbers - it’s more about making a mistake and honoring the orders - and that’s what BLF is about after all! :wink:

i got it twice, but i couldn’t take advantage of the second prize, i pressed pay with credit card by mistake and when i went back the code was missing… only one time is not bad, anyway

It’s probably really scritchy though! :~ Ohhh, you mean… like this? (possibly NSFW)

that was disgusting!



Nah…he means this:

Or this...