Hugsby P2 or P31/32?

Hey guys. I'm new here and was wondering if anyone would choose the Hugsby P2 or the Hugsby P31/P32. Basically I'm looking for a powerful single AA flashlight(not 18650/14500), 1 to 3 modes, under $20, cr123a is a plus. I also liked the MX Power ML-310 but Hugsby seems to be of better quality. Your thoughts on any other lights would be great.

is a great little light, well built, battery flexible and well worth the money. at least i think so.

What about Eastward J09? Don't remeber very well if it's J09 or other model, but it's one of the brightest 1xAA budget lights.

I like my P31. I don't have a use for 123 batts though. The P2 looks like a nice light too, as do many other lights out there I'm sure. I have the 3 mode P31 from DX and the price was right for a basic XR-E light. For what it's worth, the P31 also is just the right size for some home-made, cut-out-from-water-bottle-cap diffusers.

I love my P2 and my recommendation would be -

If you intend to use AA/NiMH exclusively then get the P31 or P32. Otherwise get the P2.

The P2 really excels when using 14500's or 16340's. In 16340 (or cr123a) configuration it is very small with reasonable spill and incredible throw. The best throw, off-the-shelf, of any non-zoomie 1*16340 that I've ever seen.

completely agree, and forgot to add that in my first post. it is a little underwhelming on alkalines.

Thanks for all the input. Does anyone know if the P2 on AA alkaline is as bright as the P31/32?

I strongly suspect it is not. But then again I only have the P2.

BTW only just noticed that you are new here. Welcome to BLF....

but everything i've read about the P31/32 says it is brighter, in fact one of the brightest around with the best throw, on alkalines. here's an idea, get them both!


Thanks! It's a great site.

It's so hard to decide between the two Hugsbys!!

welcome as well!

The p31/32 after all the hype and great press on BLF didn't impress me.The build is average , the stlye and overall feel just OK.Clip is just a clip ..maybe I'm not wildly impressed with a clip ..Sort of thake them or leave them and the tint was nasty pink almost to the point of purple didn't live up to it's reputation and ended up being sold .

Eastward J09 has my vote as well

I love my P2. It does not seem to get much press here or I have just missed it. Works with AA/14500/16340 batteries. I have used it a lot under the car, so its been droppped and rolled around on the concrete a good bit with barely a scratch on her. nice.

Edit: the clip on mine is trash, but I have a holster for it. Don't trust the belt clip!

Thanks for all the help. Just ordered the P2 off DX. I'l have to wait a month just to get it lol but I'm excited about the TIR optic. Even though it isn't HA-III like the P31/32, it seems people find it very scratch resistant. The eastward J09 looked nice, maybe I'll get it for my next flood light.

Cool :) Enjoy the wait and welcome to BLF.