humble hello from Oregon

Pretty pointless post, really. Won't bother putting up pics of my $2 Dorcy 1aaa, $12 Stylus, ancient 4D Mag, or other humble trinkets. But I WILL have plenty of questions about some upcoming purchases. Planning a complete package with a Sony charger, few Eneloops, and a UF-H2. All based on the good info I've found in this lovely little community.

Really enjoy the friendly atmosphere here.. lots of interesting folk with obvious knowledge & skill but without the inflated egos to go with. Looking forward to mining your brains. Cheers

Matt aka 97381

Welcome aboard. The guys here are very helpful so ask away.

Welcome Matt. Good to have you here!

Feel free to jump right in with any questions you may have. :)

Thanks guys. Would just add that I lurked for a while over at CPF before I discovered this place.. Still may join over at CPF but was much quicker to jump in here! Just such a friendly bunch you are :)

Hey Triker, whereabouts are you? I'm guessing you ride a recumbent trike / tadpole? Another toy I wish I could afford.

Welcome to BLF Matt :)

Welcome Matt. HAve a good time here.

Nice Trike. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a tall orange flag along the roadside when I'm in your neck of the woods :)

Welcome to BLF, make yourself at home. Looking to purchasde the UF-H4 myself.

Yeah, that one's nice with the option to run either 1 or 2 123's. With one it's pleasantly stubby like the uh-f1. With two it must be a real performer. The description says it's "less floody" than the others in the lineup, which may or may not be your preference. I think for my purposes I want lots of flood. Then I could counter that with something more throwy when I want it.

Aloha and welcome to BLF Matt aka 97381!

Welcome to BLF Matt!

Hi Matt! Thanks for joining. We're really glad to have you here. And don't be ashamed of those cheap little starter lights. I own many like that myself, and I still find them useful and I think they're still among the best deals out there. So, as everyone said, feel free to jump right in and don't be afraid to post links to any product that is being discussed.


Welcome to BLF, Matt!

Just got the Sony charger and the Eneloops. Now I just need to get the light!

Well, I did it. Pulled the trigger on TWO torches.

UF-H2 from Manafont


an SC51 from ZL.

The ZL will definitely be the only "high-end" torch in my near future. Still looking forward to filling in the gaps with many other various cheapies.

Had to justify both puchases with the wife.

Biting my nails in anticipation.

Hope you guys can find me a place to live soon.