Hunter T5 xp-g2, anybody?

Hi all, I’ve recently noted Lumintop Hunter T5 which sports an Xp-g2 and a big reflector abt.2”
This sounds like a good recipe for a mid-sized great reflectored thrower!
Indeed, have not found here any review about it.
Does anybody here owns one? Comments & opinions?

seen here:

I got one from the same supplier. Reportedly 32Kcd actual. Surprisingly good thrower.

Woah Sweet! Thanks for posting. That fills a niche I have been shopping for. Sounds like a good UI, similar to Crelant.

Wonder how the regulation is?… If, like the crelants, it is brightest on 2x16340?

Tint? Hmmm…. hope I can find reviews on this one.

I was really wanting one a while back, for the size and throw. Price and availability killed it though.

Read some comments that it is ugly, but I like the look of it. Purposeful and minimal, clean, tough.

If I can find this one for less than $60 I am probably going to pull the trigger on it.

Good luck, it was only on Ebay when I was looking. There are beamshots at the other place if you search them out.

Yeah found that thread.

Seems like HKE is the only supplier currently. Weird.

Before you open this link, I must warn you to relax from that ‘buy’ button…**NEW**~~Lumintop-Hunter-T5~~(XP-G2-R5)**Pictures**~~Fenix-TK75~~(3\*XM-L-U2-2600lm-92000cd)
Fenix TK75 vs Lumintop Hunter T5 (XP-G2 R5)

I don’t understand what you are getting at tatasal. You say not to buy, but that is a very positive review.

Are you comparing the TK75 to the T5? That is very apples/oranges. The tk75 costs 3 times as much and has 4 times the cells, different emitters, etc…

If I could afford a TK75 I would love one. But even price difference aside, they are very different lights.

It’s a very positive review indeed, that’s why I was warning not to be too excited! I love mine too.

If you look at the other thread’s two links, you will find how good is the T5’s throw it can even keep up (a little) with the mighty TK75, among other lights in that 2 links.

OK haha now I understand duuuurrrr :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, the T5 does hold up quite well. I am eager to track down more info on this one.

Some sellers list it as 420 lumen, others including lumentop say it is 460. Both says its xpg2… I realize this difference is negiligible, but is this correct? Are there multiple versions / revisions of this model?

Thanks for the positive comments Tatasal, that buy-it-now button is calling me...

But, on that CPF review there's a video from Beo-Pa (Hungarian distributor, maybe?) in which the T5 has a completely different look, with the scalloped and finned head instead of the plain one that HKE has. Different versions? which one is newer?

Yeah I noticed that too. The crazy finned one appears to be outdated. Not sure if a prototype or what. The one with the smooth head and only a few fins near the neck (in most pics and videos except that one) seems to be the current one.

PS - to answer my own question above about lumen output, I noticed even Lumintop themselves list it as 420 here and 460 there, in various sources. Maybe it was 420 and they upped it to 460… either for sales hype or maybe legit real increase? Whatever the case, I cannot find proof of multiple revs or versions of this light.

Tried to open the website through google translator, and from the T5 page cannot get any more information than what discussed here and on cpf.

Well, the smooth head one is nice in my book, and if I buy from HKE with the Paypal coupon it will be USD63... Not bad at all...

Buy or resist...??

I agree. There is not much info around. I have been looking too. :slight_smile:

I am leaning strongly towards BUY myself J)

Before buying at HKe, email them about special pricing or a discount. I have done that with them twice now and they have responded with VERY nice coupon codes to share with BLF members. If you find out, let us know!

On the link below, I posted a photo in CPF of my white-wall beamshot comparison of my 2 lights:
Lumintop T5 xpg-2 r5 and Xeno G42 V2 xml

Thanks Tatasal, that hotspot pic is exactly what I expected to see after looking at the outdoor comparison pics on the other thread on cpf! Crisp and defined!
Looks like the hotspot of a 7g5 but in a very compact form ratio. :bigsmile: