Hurricane Irene... best of luck to those on the east coast

It's looking like Irene will hit somewhere on the east coast as a Cat 3 or possibly Cat 2 hurricane. If you live in a coastal area of the east coast please take this seriously and be prepared (charge your batteries!).


The 3 B's. Beer, Beef Jerkey, and Batteries.

Come on Irene...You and I gotta date down on Folly Beach!

Sounds like me but just a bit different:

Beer, more beer and batteries.

Come on Irene!

I live on the north shore of Long Island. I'm a bit worried. Luckily there are no trees in striking distance of my house although my garage is. Wish me luck!

You may get some rain but I doubt you will be impacted very much. The coastal cities of NC might just get hammered though. And everything north of NC.

Probably only be a Cat 1 or a Tropical Storm by the time it gets that far north. But you never know... Good luck buddy.

Thanks Turba, I appreciate it :)

Yup... the projection plots have changed and it looks like it'll miss SC entirely now. And I was really looking forward to some good 'ol inclimate weather too... :)

Well even though it's not much of a danger the outer bands of Irene are over SC and NC right now.

Here's an interesting link. Scroll down to the water vapor loop...

I'm really surprised that all of you aren't talking about this storm. It could be the worst storm the east coast of the US has ever seen. Even if it isn't that bad it will still be very, VERY bad for millions of people. Best wishes to those in the path.

last i saw, it looks like its going to go right threw central maine... uh oh

I have been charging batteries like a mother, stocking up on water and basically battening down the hatches we are going to be in for a rough ride. Wish me luck and say a prayer it can't hurt.

And always remember to save one bullet for yourself just n case.

Good luck guys , keep you batteries dry , and yourselves and loved ones safe ..

Goin' surfing now ...

I did the same thing on bear hunting trips in Alaska but the extra bullet was to shoot my partner in the leg so I can get away.

We don't get hurricanes out west so I can only imagine what that would be like.

May God be with you and keep you all safe.

East coast USA.

I'm in South Huntington Long Island. Luckily it's about 200 ft above sea level where I live. I'm just hoping the winds aren't too intense. I've got a 3500 watt generator to keep my refrigerator and a few lights going. Also have a couple of shop vacs just in case I get water in my basement.

Just got back from surfing Cocoa beach .

3' -5' , 10 mph offshore wind .