Hydraulic Press Channel - Entertain Yourself!

Just found this. Has 2.2 million views. Crazily addictive!

Absolutely smashing demonstration ! Thanks for posting up Rusty! Loved it!

Oh yeah… I have been watching them a couple of years. They do some good stuff that is very entertaining too…. as they are also. . :+1:

but the main question is, will y’all be willing to see him smash some flashlights? :open_mouth:

Yep, as long as they are loaded with fully charged Lithium Ion batteries. . :+1:

Haha, I know this channel. I used to watch a lot of "Will it blend?" clips. Similar concept.

A competition for the sturdiest flashlight? I would surely donate one of mine :smiley:
I vote for UF-1405

I have to say I was watching the first one through my fingers. I was expecting him to pin both of his thumbs down with the ram trying to keep the paper on the anvil. I could practically hear my shop teacher screaming at him the whole time.

I first started watching their channel when they came out with the paper folding test. It blew my mind that the folded paper just collapsed under the pressure and turned into this plastic crumbly thingy. Totally unexpected. They also have another channel called BeyondThePress where they take this destructive concept and expand on it. My favorite was the smashinator 5,000,000. The idea of a 20 lb piece of steel flying at high speed and smashing something is so awesome from behind the computer screen but probably would be terrifying in person.

That makes two of us.

“…and if you eat one, it’s really bad.”

Thank you, Dr Oz. :laughing:

While extremely entertaining and funny,their diamond crashing (pressing) clips are kind of disappointing and simplistic,controversially so.The world we live in today is ruled by this thing called money and fame,under the value of a diamond,the value of a shiny piece of a thing polished by a descendant of an ape,a shiny rock that once was born under a pressure is now crashed in pieces and recorded by a cheap multipixel digital camera…you see the picture…a cheap thrill…shine the light…

This is the difference between hydraulic press and mechanical. One you trip the leaver and it hits with all the centrifugal energy it has built up. The other one uses pumps and leverage, that can be controlled and set to drop as fast or as slow as one wants.

I grew up using one that would drop at about an inch per second at high speed but as soon as you were at the last inch of press it slowed down. We never had an accident with that machine. It was a small press only 8 ft wide and 390 tons.

Now the 10 Ft. 1/4 in Mechanical Plate shear built in 1943 and worked in the Pittsburgh steel mills, yeah a lot of pinched fingers, and hands. Thank fully nothing worse than that due to good people in the shop and well place guards. THAT thing was terrifying. Just turning it on would dim the lights for 3-4 city blocks around.

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