I am the liking flashlightings

just kidding. My lame attempt on my 1st post posing as some overseas spammer who tries to get you to click inside.

For real though, been a long time lurker (6 months or so) since I've stumbled upon this place. From all the great info here, I've been accumulating some items in my want list but never really pulled the trigger on any of them for fear of having too many flashlights and too much overlap from a lack of proper research. So I lurked and lurked to see how much bang for my buck I could get while still satisfying all the potential flashlight situations and I've reached a comfort point to begin my ordering.

These have been ordered:

Thrower: Keygos KE-5 (from ebay) Nice cheap first thrower. Wanted something that had a little larger head than the P60 options for heat dissipation issues but still had the wow factor in something relatively small (1x18650).

Digital MM: Equus 3320 (from amazon) adequate and inexpensive for flashlight tinkering

NiMH Batts: 4pk AA 4pk AAA eneloops

These are yet to be ordered.

EDC: Sipik sk68 seems very versatile: AA & 14500, flood and throw for 10 bucks.

and one of the following long runtime champs:

Quark AA not really budget but looks great and can use 14500 for added brightness.

Zebralight SC51w also not really budget but great brightness.

Charger: Xtar WP2 II

14500 and 18650 Batteries: still deciding to go the trustfire flame route or spending a little more for aw's.

Anyway, sorry for the long intro but wanted to let you all know what you've done to me and to say thank you to all the flashoholics that put in so much of their time here and sharing their research and doing reviews for other like minded people.

Hehe... it WORKED !!!


"I am the liking flashlightings"!? |( Where's the Mark as SPAM button? Where did they hide that button... Let me see now... Oh, jk3 is pretending to be a spammer... Wow that takes guts! Pretty awesome first post. Welcome to BLF!

From what I have read, the Keygos KE-5 is a great one... I also need to pick up the Equus 3320 (as my first DMM)... Eneloops rule (but I bought Duraloops because they're cheaper)... I have also read that Xtar batteries and chargers are good... Xtar batteries are probably a better bargain than AW batteries, and TrustFire Flames are supposed to be decent...

Everything checks out... I hope you enjoy your stay! ;)

Welcome aboard and hopping flashlights illuminating your world and bringing you flashlightings pleasures.

That's how I think too. I only have 6 lights because I hate to buy lights and then don't have use for them... I am now rethinking my policy after hurricane Irene. Now will be purchasing more cheap AA loaner lights.

But welcome to the forum jk3! I am a recent defect from CPF...:-)

Welcome to BLF, jk3! I'm glad you spoke up and stopped lurking. :)

Aloha and welcome to BLF jk3!

"I only have 6 lights because I hate to buy lights and then don’t have use for them… "

Mine are used to hold my desk down ..With out numerous flashlights keeping it securely fastened to the planet it might be god knows where .

One trip down the flashlight /battery aisle during a power outage can change even your wifes mind about too many flashlights ...A 20,000$ motorcycle starts looking much less practical in a Tsunami.(unless it's behind you at 60mph ):)

Welcome to BLF. Good intro and good choices.

You can go Xtar or Hi-Max route for the 18650 batteries.

Welcome jk3!

Xtar 2600 is based on sanyo cells and is a real good alternative.

That's a nice intro! Enjoy your time here.

funny funny

Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Regarding the xtar 18650 as an alternative to aw's 18650's, They are indeed a good alternative but I haven't been able to see any xtar 14500's that exist and I'd prefer to pay a little more for aw 14500's rather than roll the dice on trustfire flame 14500's (since they'd be in my EDC's) and since I'd already be paying 4.50 for shipping (which it seems most of the aw dealers in "the other forum" seem to be charging for up to 8 batteries) I figured i'd shell out a little more and get the aw 18650 2900's in the same order.

The only thing I'm a little hesitant about is the fact that those aw 18650 2900's are flat top's and judging by the pictures of the pill on this keygos ke-5 I'm not sure if there will be problems with contact. I guess I could go with the aw 18650 2200 button tops but at that point I feel like I should research more and see if I should find a different battery that offers both 18650's (with higher mah's than the aw 2200 button tops) and 14500's with good ratings and a dealer that sells both.

Sometimes trying to save money becomes aggravating. lol.

You are have been fooling to to the remainder of us. For the flashing light enjoy, me do are reading the wisdom of wise ones there are in this site of the wide web.

Welcome, the friend!

lmao! It worked. I had a good chuckle when I opened and read. Welcome here! It is an awesome friendly place for the hobby!