i bought a pair of fixed knife from fasttech and some toughts

I have a lot of folders from enlan, ganzo, sanrenmu, harnds and tekut. But always for heavy tasks like piercing hard materials or so a lock system can fail. I bought two fixed knife full tang, the colt ct343 and the famous buck 480.
Well, first thing i see is than the fit and finish is worst than the folders, top blade are rough, in the case of buck 480 like made manual and with manual deffects. Really i can not see stronger, the tips in both cases are thinner than many of the folders i own or equal than others but they are concave (the blade) and the folders (biggest) are plain edge (no from the top of the blade). That make the blade of these fixed knives weak comparing to the blade of typical enlan el01, ganzo g704 and more and more, concave blades can be shiped more easy because they have less material. I can not find in fasttech a fixed knive not concave.

What do you think about all this?

pics and links please?

Rustable steel knives, such as tool steel or old knives, or low alloy stainless tend to be stronger in the bulk than the more abrasion resistant high alloy stainless types such as 440C. That is because carbide particles help abrasion resistance but detract from bulk toughness.
For rough work, it should be tempered on the tough side, not the hard side. And the harder the material you are cutting the more obtuse the edge angle must be, not to fold over at the edge.

It’s actually somewhat common issue especially for china made, mass production knives, believe or not I even got a spyderco endura(made in Japan) with defects on the blade edge which is not properly factory sharpened. Knives market these days are not that good.

If you are planning to use it as a real tool, and your safety is at risk? I personally would spend the money and get a high quality tool. Even if it is going to be abused. Like the old saying goes, you can’t put a price on your safety. Having witnessed cheap tools fail and friends injured, I tend to not cut corners when safety is a issue.

I have a few cheap knives from china. I use them to do things like cut rope, open packages, and trim fishing line and general tasks.

Just throwing that out there. Footnote & Full disclosure: I have one of the “Buck” fixed blade “titanium” FT knifes. With some sharpening it actually works fairly well for general tasks.

Cold Steel’s GI Tanto, or any of their “Lite” range are good fixed blades for reasonable prices.

Hi xatu.
If you want a knife that you can use and abuse, very strong, carbon steel blade and at a throwaway price the look out for Hultafors
There are is lot of choice in the range and the prices are low. They are very good tools and some dedicated designs for tradesmen, real working tools.
From £3.95 , if you break one then you need a different tool. I’ve had a Heavy Duty for a couple of years and it holds a very sharp edge even when breaking down cardboard boxes. They might not look pretty but after using one you’ll not care about that.

Here’s a couple of really solid cheap copies for piercing, or even hammering stuff



I’ve got the folder and it’s a very tough knife, the fixed blade versions must be tremendously strong.

Look for Mora or Fiskars if you can’t find Hultafors in Spain.

Or buy a fixed blade and attach your own handle (th:
https://www.brisa.fi/portal/index.php?option=com_oscommerce&osMod=index&cPath=94 (see distributors page for shops in your country https://www.brisa.fi/portal/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=15&Itemid=21)

I got the folder too, still considering getting the fixed blade, really like the quality of the folder.

The links of the fixed knives:



1) But these are fakes of real knives or original chinese knives?
2) The folder and the fixed look like beasts, but i see the folder is made od 440C and the fixed of 5cr15mov. Strange? a lot.
I don’t think the folder is of 440C, and a 5cr15mov is a mediocre steel. (But i like the look of both!)
3) In the past i bought some fakes that they see like beasts but the lock system… was incredible unsafe. A heavy blade with a lot of milimeters width don’t made a strong/heavy knife if doesn’t has a veeery strong lock. My benchamade fake with a blade really strong and heavy close after a tiny, tinyyyy hit on the top of the blade. Very dangerous.
4) Steve, have you got the folder? what’s about it?

Yes, i see fiskars in “Bricor”.
Hultafors are good too.
But i like mora for test.

Really this post is a thought about if a fixed knife, only for being fixed is stronger or confidable than a folder knife. And the blade of my new fixed knives are concave, this is the key. Ganzo and enlan don’t make concave theirs blades.

“Vaciado cóncavo” —-> Colt 343 and buck 480 (less material)
“vaciado plano” —-> Enlan, Ganzo… (more material)

This one from Mora is supposed to be tough http://www.moraofsweden.se/aventyr/bushcraft-black

I’ve got one and like it a lot, early lock-up when I got it has settled down to about 50% of the lockbar, don’t forget that on a framelock the lock becomes stronger the harder you grip.
I think 440C is believable, or it’s equivalent I’ve given it a good sharpening with the Lansky turn box and it gets a very sharp edge and holds it reasonably well.
On the fixed blade there is a chunk of steel, the folder only the blade has to be decent steel the rest can be cheaper stainless so it would save money to have the fixed blade in 5Cr15MoV.
The lock is as strong as the cut-out, the weak link on a framelock, this one is solid.

Mine cost $22 but they are selling for $23-$26 now. This one is $23
Just noticed it’s the same link that CRX posted. :slight_smile:
I can’t imaging there are more than one factory turning out these Medford clones, very niche market.
If you are worried about ultimate strength then go for the fixed blade 5Cr15MoV or not it’ll still be tougher than what you’re cutting.
This guy seems to like his.

I’d buy another folder without worry and I’m thinking of getting the fixed blade as well. but that will have to be in the new year as I’ve got too much ordered already.
Couldn’t resist this

Also this

I haven’t seen a Leen for ages.

Anyone else noticed that if you put something in your wish list on AliExpres that in a week or so it gets discounted and comes down in price? It’s happened to me several times recently, probably why I have too much ordered. :bigsmile:

I ordered a Hultafors Craftsmans Knife Carbon (HULT-380210 ) from Amazon.
Thanks Steve.

No problem FtC.
I think you’ll enjoy using it, they aren’t the prettiest knives but they do work very well. I’ve been meaning to pick up the chisel knife for a while, cheap CRKT Razel. Plus they make a great donor knife for re-handling.
There are many uses for the blade.

Aye, they’re sneaky :slight_smile:

That praetorian looks really impressive :love:
But, like all clones there is not warranty of the true steel, i read from that clones of medfors D2, 440c, 440 and 5cr15mov… Who knows…
The ystart bear with D2 steel (they say that) have very good reviews too…