I bought an AceBeam X50, and then made a massive review!

I never thought I was going to buy the AceBeam X50. Who needs another flooder? And proprietary battery pack? No thank you.

But once I had the X50 in my hands, I was a convert. So I set forth to make a moderate review that bloomed into the massive review below. Hope BLF finds it useful!


That’s a great review!

I liked the drone shots. What drone is that?


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Kubrick and Dr. Strangelove isn’t for only one person! :slight_smile:

The drone is an old Phantom 3. I think it’s 5-6 years old at this point!

So the batteries probably cost them $5 each or less. And the battery pack costs $100 which means ~$80 for an aluminum tube and a charging circuit. You can buy entire flashlights for $80 with built-in charging. Not to mention, this solution is bad for the environment because you are tossing more parts and more parts are being manufactured needlessly. All so that the consumer can’t accidentally put the wrong cells in the flashlight? Give me a break.

Thank you for your detailed review of this important light. When it was announced, I was interested. Exciting configuration and power and flood and some throw in a nice tidy quality package. I prefer to externally charge my cells, but I get to take a break and relax on some occasions when the manufacturer provides the opportunity. I have a few lights where I routinely charge one, two, three, four or 8 cells externally, and I have a few lights where I charge one or 8 cells internally. A little bit of this, some of that.

This is a great light for for beam performance and beam profile per size. It has its own niche in my family of small and huge dedicated throwers, power throwers and pure flooders that no other light has.

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