I can't choose...

Hello everyone,

This is my first post so be easy on me :wink:
My interest in flashlights started when my dad bought a 3D Maglite, I was amazed by the amount of light that it gave.
Shortly after I bought my first real flashlight, an Active products pro series 125 lumen powered by 2x AA.

Recently my interest in flashlights began to grow and I started looking online. I bought a couple of flashlight on Ebay:
small 1x AA 200 (probably 120 or so) lumen light. EDC
small 1x 18650 XM-L T6 zoomie EDC
Huge 15x XM-L T6 NOT EDC

I liked al those lights verry much and they are verry bright compared tho the AP pro, but they never mtched the build quality.
So recently I bought an A-brand flashlight: Fenix E35 ultimate Edition with the XM-L2 U2. I simply LOVE IT!

But here’s the thing: I’m 17 years old and I don’t have metric ton of stacks to spend…
I’m looking for a flashlight, preferably a thrower but an insanely bright flooder is also ok.
I’ll be selling my 15xT6 because it’s too big… and not much brighter then my neighbours 3xT6 ultrafire, so it’s probably way underdriven…

My budged is around 130 dollars and i would like good build quality like my Fenix E35.
I already have 2 options for me, a Fenix TK75 and a Solarstorm L3.
The Fenix TK75 is too expensive but I will be looking for a good deal.

So I hope you guys have some suggestions for me and if you want me to do a review of any of my flashlight just say so!

Greetings, Bart

Hi Bart,

You might want to have a look at the Supbeam X60 group buy, although it may be slightly above your budget.

You can also look into modding the 15xT6 by bumping the current up. 18sixfifty has done these modes and you might want to ask him for help.

Okay! , I will look into modding it. Thanks verry mutch.

What about a BTU Shocker or a Super BTU Shocker from RMM?

Post a WTB for a Supbeam X40... a group buy just passed and you might find someone who wants to sell, for not much more than the GB price. Excellent all around light.

Supbeam K40M is an option right in your budget. Very nice for factor.

TK75 is a top choice IMO, as offers an incredible balance of performance, size, and quality. In terms of quality it's really really hard to beat, and with a battery extension it lasts forever on a set of 8 batteries. I've seen them for sale, for the xmlu2 version for as little as $100-$120, and honestly, the difference between the xml, and xml2 version is not very drastic. ( I own five of them, so I guess I'm a bit biased about them.)

Would advise against a BTU Shocker... it's a very cool light, but it has limited modes, eats batteries, and has absolutely atrocious weight and balance. It's not a light you'd ever want to go camping with.

X60 is an excellent option, but bear in mind that you will also need six batteries to go with it, and it's also quite big. Not to mention it's likely to be a bit pricier.

Supfire M6 at mtnelectronics w/ mod2. ~$80, mod orders on hold for about a week while Richard is moving.


If it’s anything like the Supernight T6 15 led. I just read a bunch of stuff in this forum and got it working in high mode only. It ended up pretty simple bridging the fet to disable all the modes (thanks to wight and redbone or whatever, my memory is bad)

I have plans to air cool it with a small fan inside the pill. Boost it even more, but waiting on some resistors and stuff. I’ll post that mod, maybe sometime next month though. Actually got a lot on my plate, running around the roof like a mexican. It sucks not having work but these are end times man!

After that’s done and the Y3s are done, should have a detailed build posted. I won’t try to hide stuff like a dictator. :bigsmile:

If you want to save a lot of money you have to mod. I was getting comfy just buying stuff, but I forget my roots and become a luffagus :slight_smile: This forum is great

fellfromtree wrote:

. . . running around the roof like a mexican

I'm 6"1", 265lbs, built like a small linebacker. Bet I would look pretty funny running around on a roof. Especially, when I fell off it from heat exhaustion. Just saying that not all of us are built to handle hot manual labor well.

Back on topic, after reading RaceR86's recent mod, I second InfintusEquitas' recommendation.

Incidentally I'm 6'1" and 270lb :p Working on cutting down on that though.

Target is 5'10" and 180lbs?

There’s a joke in there somewhere. Bringing a cooler of beer up there I’m sure isn’t the best idea either. So your built like a sheet house :_

I’m wirey myself. Think one of these days I will fall off the roof. My back, my neck, my back and my neck! :slight_smile:

No, more modest. I'd like to get down to around 200-220 by new years, and gain an inch or two. Interestingly enough... you do literally gain an inch or so... just not in height :p

Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know that I have bought a fenix tk75 xml2 version for a good price.

Greetings bart

Excellent choice. I just received mine a couple days ago and I absolutely love it. Really excited about modding it. I won't get it as nice as RaceR86's when it comes to features, but it will be a fire breathing beast. It's pretty great just stock too.

My best built light is a TangsFire C8. The Convoy C8 seems to have an even better reputation, and both are inexpensive. I don’t use it much, because I like small zoomies, but you have one of those and I don’t know of a zoomy with the same build as the C8. My best are Yezl t9s with changed drivers and lenses. My UniqueFire T-20 has excellent insides but a hideous shape and no knurling.

Gj’s suggestion was also good. I have a couple of RMM full mod M6 lights and they are putting out 4650 Lumens per his sphere readings. Pretty impressive for a light that size and very hard to beat for the price. Even his $10.50 mod to the basic M6 is good for about 3200 measured OTF Lumens for basically $50 plus shipping. Again a HUGE bargain in my book and a lot more compact for carrying than the TK75, which I also have.

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know I have received my TK75 today and im about to love all over this thing!
There’s only one problem, if the light is on at max its shuts off after 10 secs or so. I’m guessing this is due to the crappy fake ultrafire 18650’s.
Anyone has a recomendation for good (and cheap) 18650’s?

greetz Bart

Laptop pulls are the cheapest source of balanced reliable 18650 batteries. Search the forum for laptop pull. Watch a few youtube wideos on the subject and you should be good to go.

For a great build, nice feel in the hand, with excellent run times and decent throw right out of the gate….The big head Courui is hard to beat. It’s modifiable, and is decently cheap especially considering it’s build quality and finish. Put 3 Panasonic NCR18650B cells in it and you’ll have a weekend light that you’ll be quite pleased with. (meaning it will last all weekend on a single set of cells)

Seriously though, with 10,200mAh of capacity on hand and moderately driven in stock form, it lasts surprisingly long in high mode. Excellent light even before modding.

My Vinh modded BTU shocker does well in throw, around 400-450kcd, if I had to guess, but it is easily beaten by dedicated throwers, and my X60vn.

It's mostly the weight balance and the UI... the light last spent all but maybe 10-20 minutes in a box.