I can't seem to find the SEARCH box...?

I only see a search that sends it to Google. Is there one…. hidden somewhere?

you already found it:p

Hi and welcome dyang. Yes you have found the search box but you do not want to use it. It will only lead to a life of loneliness and depravity.

lol. I would like to search only blf, not other links though. Isn’t there a way?

lol. Too late :slight_smile:
Excuse my ignorance. For some reason, I was gitting hits from other sites on the search results. I just tried it again and now only getting hits/links on blf. So, I guess I did find the SEARCH button.

TMI… Although it is a good read. It’s been a while since I used “specialized” search in google back from them college days, so it’s good for a refresher. Thanks. :slight_smile:

See this node…

Note this part: