I cant wait any longer..............

I am currently waiting on an order from Solarforce. I ordered on 3/20 and was hoping for the 2 week delivery with fingers crossed......... Laughing Now it is April 9th and i dont think that i have been this anxious for something flashlight related!!! These are my first ever solarforce products. Ordered 2 L2's the sand and the gray. Also two 16340's and one 18650. While i was there i also purchased a black head and a flat bezel.


Play with an old fav to pass the time.

The bezel will come with a little square of Stainless Steel. Don't throw that little square out; it is the tool you use to screw the new flush bezel in with.

you have to train to buy from china. buy some stuff from DX and everything else seems like it teleported it to you hands.

best not to think about it - hard as it seems. and surprising from SF, but i bet 2-3 days you'll have em and you getting good stuff too.

Good thing you said that because I have one coming too. Thanks.

Not too much though, as it has been known to grow hair on your palms.


Thanks also

LOL train.............

Bought some stuff from DX already and it was forever and a day but it was just for some aspherical lens for the 502b and heatsink compound so i could wait. I Kinda like that aspherical in the 502b though.

Blinders.............. lol

Well, I am a newbie, and I have quickly found out that the waiting time is a B$@%$!.

However, I found a way to deal with it. Just order some more lights and stagger the ordering time. That way, you got something coming almost every week..

I know, you wanna thank me big time for that info..Undecided

Oh, one more thing you can do to pass the time away while you are waiting, scope out some DARK PLACES!!

I am running out of dark places in my area, or my lights have gotten so daggone bright, nothing ever seems dark anymore...

thank you

I do some of that but i stager it with other kinds of led's like the 10w and 20w ones I am tinkering with for the house and RV

Yes, a constant flow will soothe the nerves. Order something new every Monday, 1st thing, and call me in the morning.

I ordered a MF 3 mode xml drop-in on friday with a OP reflector for one of the L2's, and a cool looking knife..... :bigsmile:

Now it is April 10th and guess what they were not in the mail again................ |( :Sp lol

I have shipments from ebay, MF, FP, BIC, Tomtop, all SNAILING their way from China.

So this is not a particular seller issue. This seem to be China Post problem, even their registered post (ending in CN) don't even get scanned (too busy?). Focalprice rep told me China Post is going through some huge peak.

And they're not lying. I have a split shipments from BIC, one item from HK warehouse and a couple others from CN, the HK one was actually shipped a couple of days later than CN but already arrived last week! Everything else from CN is nowhere to be seen.

The ebay orders are coming in with a reasonable time of 9-18 days. tomtopp sent me 5 sipik clones in 11 days if I remember correctly. Hopefully the Solarforce L2's are going to be able to live up to my anxiousness.... :D

Foy and others have definately got me wanting them and wanting them NOW!!!


finally got my order from SF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah

It would have been here last week but I had to go sign for it at the post office and the wife i guess had lost it last week.................. |( |( |(

I love both of them but the gray one is fantastic. I think it even made my light brighter...... ;) ;) ;)

Now waiting on the MF boat to come in


I remember when i first joined i ordered a 18650 solarfake and about 8 days later ordered a battery and charger from dx ..the light came from another company and got here 12 days before the battery and charger


newb mistake 101