I don't recommend Zanbase . com

Here’s the story -

On November 1st I ordered and paid for one of the new Zanflare F3 AAA flashlights from Zanbase . com. I received an email that they had received my order and payment, and would be emailing me the tracking information. I didn’t hear anything more, and didn’t receive the flashlight.

I sent an email to cs @ zanbase . com on December 22nd saying that I hadn’t received the flashlight and asking for tracking information. Got no response.

I filed a paypal claim on January 6th, and zanbase . com didn’t respond to the claim so I got a full refund from paypal this morning.

You could have ordered direct from Zanflare on Amazon for 4 dollars more and would have had it in 3 days. For that matter, you still can

Here’s Zanbase’s user id


I thought Gearbest always had better Zanflare deals, so I’ve never understood the purpose of Zanbase.

The purpose of Zanbase is to make you act fast to buy from Gearbest with coupon and flashsale. :smiley:

It worked! 10 dollar F1 is mine! :smiley: :beer:

But F1 really make me hesitate to buy any similar but more expensive 1x18650 flashlight now. :person_facepalming: