I dropped my Solarforce P1 in a 101° jacuzzi

It was in my hand when I was uncovering the jacuzzi the other night for a soak. I dropped it (it was off at the time) and thought it fell on the ground and rolled under the step. Couldn’t find it right away, figured I’d get it later.

We got in the jacuzzi and a minute or two later, I stepped on it. Must have flipped forward when I was putting the top up and splashed right in.

Took it out and lit it up, no leakage, no harm, no foul.

Nice to know it is waterproof at 4 ft in 101° water.

I recently got a real Solarforce L2P. I wanted a P60 light and went cheap at first and got a 501b. After seeing how much better the Solarforce is made, I wish I had not wasted the money on the cheap clone and just bought the real deal for a few dollars more. Solarforce lights are made extremly well for the money. Actually, they are made very well for 2-3 times the price. Good to know they stand up to the dunk test.

3 stories onto a concrete slab, bounced like mad & still worked !

I use mine to regularly light up my friends hot tub. Never leaked on me and stayed on for 2 hours straight.

I did slightly modify mine. The rough machining on the tailcap seal area was wet sanded flat and polished to a mirror finish, this helps seal the most vulnerable leak point. The head I have sealed at the o-ring with a good amount of silicone vacuum grease. The lens seal seales quite well already.

When I was younger and at a party I earned 20 Euros for jumping in the pool with the clothes on. I had my Solarforce L2 in my pocket and trusted it back then.
Result: I got wet, earned 20 Euros and got more drunkie! L2 is still working, many years after the dive! Those were good times in Greece lol….

I’ve taken my L2X swimming with me for an hour in a 6+ ft. deep pool, any signs of moisture stopped at the o-rings :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that 101 degree (F) water still provides better cooling to the light than 60-70 degree F air does.

That is a very interesting fact , PilotPTK .