I found an old Soviet flashlight and it reminds me of something

I found this flashlight from my parents in the attic. He looks very worn out and does not work anymore. They said that it was from the Soviet Union, as indicated by the marking on it. And it bloody like a Jedi lightsaber.

And your signature looks like spam.

Well, you got rid of the spam link very quickly and no one commented on your post...

So I feel like a jerk!

The least I can do is give you a proper greeting.


We're very glad to have you here, AlexKorv!

Welcome to BLF, show us more pics of the light… I am already thinking about possible mods for that light…

Welcome to BLF comrade!! That light does look sort of star-wars-ish

FWIW… the original star wars movie props were made from parts salvaged off of Graflex camera flashguns.

I love vintage flashlights. Anyway, welcome to BLF!

Welxome to BLF! :slight_smile:
I too have a collection of vintage flashlights. Love the old classics like the one you posted. it shows where flashlights all started decades ago.