I got lucky on eBay

(Inspired by old4570's No way man !)

I love flashlights, knives, and carnivorous plants. Much to my surprise, I won an eBay auction for each of these hobbies today.

Regularly $14.54 from Amazon & Walmart, I won this for $9.38 shipped.

Regularly $14.59 from DiscoveryBargain, I won this for $11.91 shipped (from the United States.) I've been looking for a cheap non-DB source for months now.

This can be found on eBay here, brand new, for $28.38 (with Californian sales tax). Somehow I won this for $16.32 shipped! (Of course it's used and from the United Kingdom, but it's still a great deal.)

I usually get outbid on the bay, so winning three auctions in one day is special to me. I <3 eBay!


Nice snag on that DMM. That's like 35% off and that's not factoring in tax (from wallyworld).

No chance of seeing such a price anymore since you mentioned them here. lol Don't everyone bid at once. haha

Maybe you should have got a lottery ticket ?

Well done !


Maybe you should have got a lottery ticket ?

Well done !


Maybe so, but I'm not a gambling man... My stance on lottery tickets is the same as Craig Ferguson's stance on gambling. Below is an excerpt from a Men's Journal interview. Disclaimer: Ferguson is well known for using foul language, and it is directed towards the concept of gambling, not towards old4570 or anyone else on BLF.

Interviewer: What’s the biggest bet you ever made?

Ferguson: I’m Scottish, and we don’t do gambling. The whole idea of, Hey, I’ll give you money and you might give me some back? F--- you.

Nice snags, Raccoon! I'm going to try my luck on this one. Don't anyone else bid against me please! ;)


How lucky guy. And can you tell me If have a bid .I also want to be a lucky girl.