i have a ganzo g704 440, somebody is sure that it is the same that the 440C version?

i have a ganzo g704 440, somebody is sure that it is the same that the 440C version?
When i saw the 440 picture i sent a ticket in fasttech (was bought there) and they told me that the 440 and 440c vversions of the ganzo g704 were the same, the only differences was the 440 picture, but the steel was the same.
The sharpness of this g704 440 is like other ganzo 440c, i do not know if that fasttech told me is true or not…

A read a similar story a long time ago. It was written, that both should be the same and the 440 has only a typo (the missing c). I don't know, if this is true or only words of the seller, who wants to clear his stock. He sold both (it was an Aliexpress seller) and the 440 for $1 less. I bought the 440 and haven't any problem with it (bought it 2 years ago). In the meantime I bought the Ganzo G704 with the green and the tan handle (both with 440c writing on the blade) and could not find out any balde quality differences between the black 440 and both 440c).
I have to say, I use my knives in an usually way. I do not a "batonig" test, I do not open metal cans with blade of a knife - for these jobs I use tool, which are made for this like a small axe or a multitool.

Thank you for the response. Only one laboratory could to say. I can not see differences too, i have a ganzo g710 and g712 both with 440C.
But the new cheap models from ganzo are 440, will they be really cheap 440 or the 440 that it is 440C without “C”?. They would must be real 440 and not 440C with “C” deleted…

Hi xatu, I’ve just received 2 Ganzo G620’s they are in 440 steel, 55HRC, just by sharpening them I can tell that they are a bit but not much softer than Enlan’s 8Cr13MoV but nothing to worry about. They are a cheap knife, cheaper than most other Ganzos. I wouldn’t want to run my finger down one! They might need sharpening more often and wear out quicker but - cheaper to buy.
The G620’s have coated blades so they could be made from old tin cans but they look good and hold an edge reasonably and are very easy to get razor sharp.
You pay your money you take your choice.
To answer your question, they will almost certainly be 440 for that money. Don’t forget though that Buck still use 420J but they have a brilliant heat treatment for it so it’s all they need on the cheaper knives.

Coming from China it’s unlikely that the steels are 440 or 440C anyway. I’d say they’re “close enough” steel matches. Probably 8Cr13MoV for 440 and 9Cr13MoV for 440C.

Of course it’s heat treatment that determines how good a steel is for knife blades, and Ganzo have a reasonably good treatment especially on their “440C”. 55HRC seems a bit soft for a pocket knife though although fine on a machete.

Not as good as that on Buck’s 420HC though.

Yes Steve and Freman, but my dude is if the 440 of ganzo g704 is the same of the 440C ganzo g704 or is the same of the g620 for example…
Whether their 440C are or not 8cr13/9cr13 that it’s another question. By the way the 9cr13mov and 9cr18mov are cleary better than 8cr13mov i read according in tests.

By the way i like much more the chinese brands that put 8cr13mov/9cr13/9cr18 than 440/440C… (i think only navy and ganzo write 440/440C, all others write XcrXXMov).

I have a couple of G620’s the steel is claimed to be 440 @ 55HRC but they are perfectly capable blades at the price point, FastTech’s price is $8.56 - about £5, I think that at that price you could use them up, throw them away and buy another.

Thanks to isti242for the picture from his Steel reviews website, a good reviewer.

I think they are good looking and have ordered the rest as well 6 knives for £30 bit of a bargain I think.
O.K. the steel isn’t perfect and the fake Damascus is printed on, the hardware is a bit mismatched on some and I snapped a good T8 on the pivot of one, shows the hardware is heat treated as well as the blade, the scales are ABS but feel remarkably good and the whole knife feels very good in hand. What I’m trying to say is that - within reason - it isn’t just about the steel on these anyway the parts add up to a nice knife at a throwaway price.

I have some very evil looking knives that are made in Pakistan, or so it said on the box, supposed to be 440, in your dreams, horrible steel but I had to have one for the look alone.

This as well -

That cutlass looking thing has a fourteen inch blade, the razor is about ten inches overall.
Sometimes you just want something for the look, I’d never dream of carrying either of those monstrosities but I’d never get rid of them either, it’s a reminder that I knew a lot less about knives then than I do now, they are just a bit of fun and that’s what a hobby is all about.

Wow!, that fighting sword seems cool, but there are two types of knives, 1) For real use, good steel, strong etc 2) For put on the wall like a picture.
I really like the first option.

And… i don’t know about that new cheap ganzos… yes, it can cut but the system lock is one of the most important thing for me on a folder knife (the tang on a fixed knife)
Look the liner lock:

Thanks, that sword was called a Cutlass Bowie definitely the second type, wall hanging only, I was surprised at the size of it, cost €32. Not a user though, unless I wanted to take out some Zombies. :Sp

The G620 models are better made than the G611 -

Full liners and they are reasonably thick. Even the strongest framelock has a cut-out in the lockbar that allows you to disengage the lockbar. The Enlan EL-01 that I consider to be a very strong knife has a portion milled out of the locking liner to allow movement to disengage the lock.
Those G611’s are very lightweight, I nearly bought one when they first appeared on FastTech then I noticed that the liners were hidden and thought I’d wait to see what the reviews were like.

Does anyone else review knives and other purchases from FastTech, I’ve just had my first $10 gift certificate from the rebate points built up mostly - 20c a time - from reviews. An Enlan EL-05 for $3.75 after rebate, yes please!!