I have created a forum about EDC

Ohh ok, it's what I thought, thank you :D hahaha, like in Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie :)

That's for sure!!!!!!!!!

I agree jalbam, I don't like SMF at all either.

phpBB looks nice, but it used to be a security nightmare. I don't know how it is now, but I can't get over its reputation.

My favorite edc ..lint or a store receipt .or change .

Hi again! :)

In order to get more users and promote the forum, I am running a contest where people can win a totally new, boxed and free iTP A3 EOS Upgrade Edition (black auminium or stainless steel version) with 3 modes and Cree XP-E Q5.

Joining the contest it's free, you just need to be member of EDC Mania forums (not yet? sign up now for free!). To become a contestant you need to refer 10 people to the forum (25 for the stainless steel version) and that people have to write an introduction post to the forum.

Here you can read more about it: http://edcmania.com/forum/Thread-Free-and-new-iTP-A3-EOS-Upgrade-Edition-black-aluminium-or-SS-3-modes-flashlight?pid=617#pid617

I hope you like the idea! :D

Thank you very much.



Hell, if I had 10 friends I wouldnt be here.

Hahaha :D Well you can refer others who will like the forum :)

Ok BLF nation, time to see what your made of. Go to EDC mania, tell them langcjl sent you and introduce yourself. Do it for the children.
Here is my link http://edcmania.com/forum/member.php?action=register&referrer=14
I already have more than 25 posts over there so all I need is a BLF uprising.

Hehehe it's better if you give them your referral link :D

Ok, I withdraw my referral link above because I don’t want to offend anyone with “spam” even though nothing was being sold and the OP is a member of this forum. I was just asking my friends for some help. My bad. If anyone had a sad attack due to my participation in this post I apologize. For real.