I have some new Efest 10440s. What charger is safe?

Hey everyone-It’s my first post. Thanks to all of you that make this site what it is.
I just got 2 Efest 10440 IMRs. I want to know how to charge them safely. I have a nitecore i4 (not the new version that clearly states IMR on the box). I also have an xtar wp2 and a xtar mco on the way.
Can I safely use any of these for the efests? If not, what charger should I get? What is a safe current to charge them at? I assume something low, like 250 (?)
I’m aware of the risks that come with ICR cells and hope to hear from those who have had experience with charging IMRs.
What single aaa light can I use an IMR in?
I have these and some other ones that would probably melt-
Peak Eiger small mule 219 cri
Peak Eiger large optic
thrunite ti3
thrunite ti2 v2
lumapower lm21
tank 007
tank e09

350mA should be safe for those, you have to use channels 1/3 or 2/4 to divide the 750mA current per matched pairs on the i4, giving 350mA output for charging.

Thanks warkhawk. I still would like to know if the torches I mentioned are safe with an IMR…

Welcome to BLF mfloreshostel.
Nice collection of aaa lights.

People have used 10440s in the i3s, thrunites, tank e09. It may not be officially recommended but it works, just don’t let them overheat. I would use only the xtar mc0 at 250mA for 10440s.

Thanks Halo-I put one of the IMRs in all of those lights (except the ld01 as it already works perfectly with a protected trustfire) and got nice bright results. The tank 007 (clicky) apparently took one for the team and now will only work with the IMR now and nothing else….Oh well, crappy beam pattern anyway. It’s still a 10440 spot light.