I haven't been having a Good Light Day....

- Two Wuben lights stuck in customs for over a month

- The 21700 cells I have (Sofirn Protected) don’t fit in the S21a that just arrived

  • An SP33 decided to not completely shut off any more and looks like it has a partially burnt emitter


Which account here is Barry from Sofirn? Is it ‘Sofirn’?

Title remembers me

Sorry, but the Convoy website specificly states:

Required battery type:
21700 or 18650 lithium battery (I recommend LG ,samsung,tesla ,sony original 21700 battery ,dont use vapcell,sofirn ,LISHEN etc. 21700 battery ,they replace the shrinkable tube of LG or samsung 21700, they are little thicker and not suitable. )

Try not to focus too much on just one dimension. We know the battery is too thick. But what about the length? If the length is OK, there are possibilities to widen the bore of the tube. Because “does not fit” is most of the time just a matter of a fraction of a mm. And for the record: you don’t need ano on the inside :wink:

BTW, you are not the only one with an off day. The emitter graveyard you see below is the result of some trial and error before I found out it was combination of a driver with a short to mass and a loose retaining ring.

Convoy website? The closest I have noticed is their Ali store. I also found the info you posted in a BLF thread - after the light arrived.

This one was purchased via BangGood, which had no caveats in the product description. I understand that I’m not completely blameless in this, but it sucks that I have several 21700 but nothing other than 18650 to power the light. I think I will hit up Banggood about their product page being incomplete though.

Ouch… that looks like an annoying and probably not cheap stack. My Condolences.

TBH, I’m not that fixated on getting my current 21700s to fit. I’m fine with running 18650 until I stumble into the right deal on the right 21700.

This one is weird. (SP33) It’s on a permanent fireflie mode now. I’d be perfectly fine pretending it has a perm locator mode, but I don’t have faith that it will not fail (further) in a more interesting and energetic way.

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