I Just Am So Proud To Own The L3 Illumination K40

I got my new Panasonic 3100mah 18650 protected batteries charged awhile ago. So I popped 3 of them in the K40 and took it outside. Man I still can’t say enough about how dang nice and bright this flashlight is. I’m actually honored to say I own it. I just can’t say enough about the quality, finish, fit and beam quality. It’s just a perfect thrower to have. I’m sold on this bad boy.

Thank you sbflashlights for offering this one to me.

Have you considered adoption? :wink:

YeaH, I took my (Supbeam) K40 out to a dark place last weekend and was amazed. “So that’s what a thrower looks like”, I thought.

Well I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t mind owning another one just like it. I still say it’s one of the best deals on here being offered for the money. I paid $108 and some change shipped for the K40. And to me that really is a steal for what you get in return. This light lives up to all the hype.

It just puts other lights to shame now don’t it. Well not the TK70 I have, but for it’s size it’s just a lot more practical of a thrower and a heck of a lot better to pack and carry than the TK70.

Some flashlights are really proud to own. When I play with my flashlights, my neighbour don’t care about it. The night I first played with Thrunite TN31, he walked to my house asking me where I got her. Looks like most people will be easily amazed with thrower rather than flooder. Some are proud collecting those small EDC titanium limited edition though.

I was just kidding when I made my adoption comment. I’m a longtime flashaholic so I know exactly how you feel.

I’m lucky enough to own both the TK70 and the K40, but I live in an urban area so it takes a special trip for me to do any type of real comparison. The idea that the K40 can even come close to the Fenix is amazing to me.

Unfortunately I’m not a good enough photographer to take decent photos.

I’m looking forward to the Fenix TK75; L3 Illumination X40; Zebralight S6330; and the BTU shocker

I knew what you meant.

Yea the K40 won’t out throw the TK70, but $ for $ and throw for your buck the K40 is the better deal.

I just wished that someone would make a SST-90 flashlight with about a 100mm head for around $140 or so shipped that put out around 130,000 lux or so. I honestly don’t see why no one is doing it yet.

BTW, did you get your Elektro Lumens ST90 yet? I’m eager to see how it really compares to the TK70.

I’m not doubting Wayne’s claims, but there hasn’t been a lot of independent testing of his lights.

an SST-90 die is bigger than an XML. Throw is heavily dependent on emitter size. If you put an XML U3 (or hopefuly XML2 when it comes out) in a 100mm head it’ll destroy an SST-90 for throw.

Also, an sst-90 in an 77mm reflector gives you 45kcd (at 1350 lumens), so just put that into perspective…

I think thrower must come with decent amount of flood, it should be balanced though leaning to throw more.

Well I just know that the SST-90 is said to be one of the best throwers out there period. To my knowledge, XM-L’s aren’t beating the SST-90 for throw.

Wayne tells me he is shipping it tomorrow. He gave me a tracking number but the light won’t ship until tomorrow. I was wondering why I couldn’t track it. He again confirmed that they will vary in lux readings from 130,000 to 150,000. I hope I get a hot one.

I got a few 1.2 sec shutter on man exposure shots I’ll post in a minute for ya. I think they ought to be pretty good samples.

Here’s a few shots. First one is around say 250yds or so to the far trees.

This one is around 220yds or so to trees.

K40 - I like the form factor and thanks for the beamshots.

Your welcome.

And I agree. This light is just about perfect for fit.