I Just Bought The Ultimate Thrower

Well let me take some pictures of this big boy. It's my new toy. But I can't wait to see how far it will throw. It's 20 million candle power and it's got a reflector that's almost as big as the moon. LOL! Pictures coming in a bit.

The reflector is 9" in diameter.

did you purchase a spot light for football stadium>.?? hehehehhe

How does it compare to a laser?

Is this a riddle? Is there a prize?

No prizes although I feel like I did win one buying this thing. It's got some bells and whistles too. LOL!

I like those led lights.

It came with an A/C charger and a 12 volt D/C charger for the car. It's even got a usb port. It has 2 regular modes-high and low. There was a police officer there at the time and I said I bet that light is brighter than anything they have. He said he actually has that same light in the police car trunk. I ask him if it would throw a beam a 1000yds. He said easily. I can't wait to use it tomorrow nite. It says to charge it for 24hrs before using. But I did use it already. It may not be full charged yet, but it still is damn bright.

How much and where did you buy it? I’ve been wanting a spotlight :slight_smile:

I have that light. It's pretty nice. You may want to check with the manufacturer about the included DC cord. I don't think the DC cord is for charging the light, I think it's designed to power the light directly (bypasses the charge circuit) and not charge the battery. The included AC adapter is for charging.

If you want it to throw farther, you can take the head off and mess with the bulb placement. It's possible to make it throw much farther than it comes adjusted from factory just by moving the bulb in or out. Take it somewhere that you can point the beam real far away and then move the bulb further in or out and see when the hotspot gets the most focused.

The only thing that sucks about that light is you have to charge it for 15 hours and you only get about 15 minutes of runtime on HI.

I have a 55W HID ballast on order. I will wind up getting twice the lumen output and (at least) twice the run time :)

If anyone wants to buy one you can get them for $35 at Advance Auto Parts. $59.99 plus cotter pin (as cart filler) + "$25 off a $60 purchase".


I think the actual stock output of the Halogen bulb is 500,000 or so CP. Shame on them for calling it 20 Million LoL.

I bought it from Advance Auto Parts. They wanted $60 for it. I said I would give them $50. The girl was a manager and said I can do that. Cost me $53 and change with sales tax. That ain't bad. And it's built like a tank too. Very nice indeed.

The manual say dual charging from either AC adaptor or 12 volt DC adaptor.

I just know it's brighter than hell. And it will throw a beam a long, long way. I played with this same type light about 3 yrs ago when they first open here and this light was $39.95. No light most guys have will touch it. I do know that for a fact.

If you want to save another $10, they have an online coupon right now for $20 off a $50 order (A123). You just have to select "ship to store" if you want to pick it up locally. Or you could go back and ask them for another $10 back...

Costco currently has an 11" HID spot light for $50. I just saw it for the first time about a week ago. I ended up selling the one I got for my dad (similar model as yours and the costco one) because he found it to be too bulky for regular use. Now I've got him excited about LED flashlights :D

Thanks. But I'm ok with it. I think it's a very good deal even at $50.

Do you have a link for it or a model name/number? I can't find it on the Costco site...

Is it this light?



I've had one of those for a year or so. Low beam is an atrocious, hooded, canted beamshot. You have to physically rotate the bulb/mount to get the "hood" at the top of the beam.

High is a different story. Although the beam is very ringy, riddled with artifacts from the reflector, its throw is nothing short of incredible! Seriously!

Watch out for lights that have been on the shelf, for too long. Look at the manufacturers date code. SLA batteries have a finite shelf life. Their plates sulfate just like car batteries do, ruining the battery.

It is big, bulky, heavy, and worth the money at 42 bucks on sale, if you find a sale.

That is an awesome light I would love to have. I will have very little use for it but still when you need to bring out the big guns....