I just came to say Hello!


My name is Fernando, from Uruguay (right down in the map, South America). I'm a student of Electrical Engineering and some of electronics.

I like very much Flashlights, I prefer long throwers than flood (but not super thrower and nothing of flood). I first started with lasers (not too much powerful, just 100mW) and I liked the long throw of it. But it isn't too much fun to see a little dot from far, so I entered in the flashlights world. My first flashlight was a SmallSun with 5x Cree XR-E Q5, and from that moment I can't stop searching, buying and reading everything I can about flashlights.

I'm planning to sell all my flashlights and start a new collection, I will post them if I can get them and do the mods (maybe in two or three months).

Apart from flashlights, I also like/do Mountain-Biking and a little of Downhill, with a 29er bike; and sometimes I participate in XC races.

In my country there are very very few people that likes this type of forums, I think I am one of about no more than 20 person, so everybody have big surprises when sees me with my flashlights, or when they see a bike in the nights that is brighter than a car

So, being something like a "Pioneer" about flashlights in here is nice :)

I think that's all, I like this forum very much!

Keep Going BLF!!

Welcome to BLF Fernando!

hello fernando welcome to blf :)

Aloha and welcome to BLF Fernando!

Welcome to BLF, Fernando!

Hi there Fernando, seas muy bienvenido aquí, we're very glad to have you here!

Glad to have ya, FX!


welcome to Blf fx32

Hola Fernando.

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF FX-32

Welcome to BLF Fernando

Welcome to BLF Fernando.

Thank you all for such a nice welcome! I really appreciate it :D

Welcome to BLF, Fernando! :)

Nice to have you, but why "I'm planning to sell all my flashlights and start a new collection." just sounds a little weird.

Hey Fernando

welcome to BLF!

Nice to meet you!

I know it sounds weird, it’s because I have some flashlights that I don’t like anymore, or wasn’t what I expected (like red led flashlights). Some are too long, now I prefer them to be “fatty” than thin and large. Another reason, is that I like very very much XM-L’s (I love XM-L ), so from now ALL my flashlights will have only XM-L U2 or T6 LEDs

I like to buy, dissemble, rebuild, learn and then sell them if I see something better.This is a nice entertainment and also I win money this way

A warm welcome. :)

Enjoy the fine talks about mostly shiney things.

Welcome to BLF.

I love downhill mountain biking and lights to. Some of the local ski mountains open in the summer here and shuttle you and your bike to the top on the lift and let you ride down. Here is my bike.