I just want to say...


I recently responded to a post made by a certain member here "calling them out"...

I would like to apologize to the community here for being as outwardly forthcoming in some of the things I may have conveyed in public posts.

Those who read it know as well as mr Admin.

This apology is not coerced, I feel this is a good place for us to share ideas and solutions for what we are all faced with that we share. It is my duty to respect it and not let a board warrior mentality take over. I am not here to cause or proliferate conflict.

Lets keep this community going as a "shining star" in the flashy way it has been done here :)

I bow my head publicly.

I guess we all fly off the handle sometimes. Its having the decency to apologize if we were in the wrong that counts.

Well done...

I like that place

some fights to keep all less boring >)

but the hearth for apology 0:)

I am not entirely sure if this is about the Tmart thing and I have no clue what happened behind the scenes, but FWIW, I didn't feel you were out of line. After all, we're all adults here. In any case, kudos to you for being the bigger man. Well done, indeed.

Not sure where you were out of line (must have missed that one somehow) but your apology is definitely appreciated and keeps this board at the high standard it holds. Thank you. :)

Man I miss everything, Whats happened?


I saw the thread. Wasn't really a big deal and hardly an "agenthex style" rant but kudos to you anyway

Hey there Noodles, I didn't notice anything either, but I definitely respect you more for being humble. Congrats.

Well this is why this is a better forum than the otherside.