I killed my old Thrunite TN36 UT

I was messing around soldering and unsoldering things I knew I shouldn’t. I bypassed a resistor and ended up with hot springs so I bypassed them. Got a really bright light. Then I upgraded the leads to the LED and it stopped working. Then the LED + spot on the driver peeled up. Anyone know where I can get a 41 mm driver or if I can ship my light out to be fixed to anyone? Hate to think I permanently killed an expensive light.

I have never been into one of those but I imagine you are going to have to get in contact with Thrunite for that one. I also imagine it’s not going to be cheap.

Yeah I figured as much, sent them an email to see if they’d send me a driver…meh. Thanks

I hope they are able to. If not the only person I can think of that might be able to help you is Lexel. Shoot him a PM if Thrunite doesn’t work out.