i know it a not a flashlight but i didn't know were to put it

ok guys im looking for a new camera for under 200 and i wanted to get some input from you guy i found two i think are good but i don’t know what makes a good camera i just know the mega pix and zoom but what else makes a camera good also i want one to just put in my pocket and carrier around here are the two i found are they any good ?? any in put is helpful thanks



i have the canon sx130is and i love my camera. takes great macro shots (good for flashlight pics lol) and has enough manual settings for tweaking and being a photography nerd. :slight_smile:

the only nikon experience i have is with cheap coolpix that i didnt like cause the image quality wasnt what i hoped it would be given the MP count. didnt like the touch screen on that camera too but it was alot cheaper and not as feature packed as the nikon that you posted.

ive had other canon powershots and i loved them too.

my vote is canon though the nikon would probably be good to.


This time Nikon is probably better, because that Canon is old tech. Nikon has BSI-CMOS (better pictures in low light), Full-HD video and better wide angle (25mm vs 28mm).

Nobody will accuse me of being a serious photographer, but I like my Olympus Tough TG-610. It’s in your price range. It’s waterproof, shockproof (I “tested” this by dropping an 18 volt dewalt battery on it from waist height — ouch!), and doesn’t have lenses that catch grit when you zoom. It also recharges via USB (special cable, though), which might or might not be handy. It’s 14mp, but I suspect it’s not the biggest sensor. It takes very decent shots.

This is a great web site for camera equipment reviews:

They dropped the price to $149, I just paid $189 earlier this month.

Leica lens, image stabilization, 24mm to long telephoto zoom. Great little camera.
B&H and Adorama are the 2 best camera stores on the planet.

Here’s the newer model of the one I have and Brad has and it takes great pictures!!


I have the older version of that one (same one as you and brad) and it is pretty great. I plan on getting out for some beamshots tonight. :D

Cool, I have been waiting on your beamshots!!

Yeah, sorry about the delays I got sick and then was pretty busy with work but thanks to the holidays I have some free time. :D