I need a 18350 Battery that's worth the effort .

I just received a 18350/16340 light and I am having a difficult time finding a 18350 battery with enough capacity that is worth purchasing. I have several KeepPower 16340s that have 700 mAh capacity. All of the 18350s that I have found have the same or less mAh?

Am I missing the point somehow? How can a battery that is half the size of an 18650 have less than a third of the capacity. Less than 16340?


It is what it is, the 18350 format comes in high drain options but not really in high capacity.

There has been some talk about the Aspire 18350 battery that has up to 1300mAh at low drain, a bit over 1000 at 2A. But it is not for sale in many places.

Ok, I am not missing something here. I guess its not a very popular battery size outside of the flashlight industry so no real investment in high capacity . I’ll looks at some of the vaping forums they might have something new.

Thanks for the reply.

Are these OK? Lots of places are sold out at the moment.

i found the same problem —annoying!

they don’t really have much more capacity than 16340… which is much smaller…

After Aspire there’s a really big gap, sadly.

^ Here is probably the whole truth of the matter. The 16340 is the same size as CR123A, which is used in other applications than just flashlights. The 18350 is not such a useful size.

I use windy fire 18350 and they are good… high drain and cost $3.89 each,


18350 provides compatibility with some 18650 lights, resulting in reduced bulk and weight via shorty tubes. This is the only reason I use 18350.

I am using the AWT 850 mAh and the Efest 800 mAh in my S41 and S41S
and they both are performing to spec as measured on my OPUS BT-C3100

Well, they are somewhat popular in the e-cig industry which is probably why you see high drain vs high capacity. If you google AW 18350, you’ll see mostly vape shops selling them.

Yeah, I’ve used 18350 in some lights. When I said it’s not such a useful size, I meant outside of flashlights. Actually, I just realized that I have a S2+ with a shorty tube for 18350, but I sold off my 18350’s a while back when I was clearing out some batteries I “don’t use”. :FACEPALM: Well, good thing I also have the 18650 length tube.

A 18350 is even a tad larger then half a 18650…

In the actual state of Li-Ion batteries, there is a notable gap between 18650 and pretty much all other formats. We have yet to see a 6A 26650 for instance while this format should allow up to 7A - twice the capacity of the best 18650.

Windyfires 18350’s were sold out at Mtn Electronics when I checked a few days ago. :frowning:

They have good reviews, but I believe they are also high drain rather than high capacity.

I purchased this one it’s a little pricey but states 900 mAh. Ill test it out when it arrives.


Mountain Electronics has restocked the Windyfire batteries. I ordered some yesterday.

I’ve used Efest 18350 V1 IMR 800mAh cells in my Astrolux S1 and they’ve performed well.

I’ve switched back to 18650 cells in that one but will use an Efest 18350 cell in my upcoming Astrolux S42 mainly because it’s got usb recharging. The smaller size and the ease of keeping it running seem like a nice combination to me.